Life has placed many who ought to become something better than what they are in a position where they have never dreamt of being. It is life!

Circumstances at times beyond personal control could arose in the life of a man to create within him an inferiority complex probably not even due to his personal mistakes or deeds.

What if King Saul has walked well with God? Probably many souls that become wasted while he was alive and even after his death wouldn't have become a waste.

Just a single act of disobedience make him struggle all through his life. Yet, nothing was set right between him and God before his death.

When he misses his way with God, he thought David was in competition with him and for this course, he did everything possible to see to it that David was destroyed. Here comes the  time to differentiate between God rejected and God anointed.

King Saul was once an anointed of the Lord but not anymore. It was out of one of his frustration and confusion state that three of his Sons including the one that wasn't even in Support of him died at the battle Field.

Ho! the fall of the Mighty. 

Jonathan whom David testified that his love for him is more than that of women also fell by the sword.

Did Jonathan just died like that?

Jonathan didn't just died like that. Of course he had a Son who fell from the hand of his keeper and broke his two legs thereby making him become a lame.

This was what life has gotten Mephibosheth the Son of Jonathan to fight with.

It has gotten him into the field of rejection, frustration and depression.

He didn't count himself worthy of being remembered by anyone again not to talk of a King remembering him.

But for his father's sake!

His father's deeds turned a mere lame man like him into a man who sat at the King's table.

He didn't even see himself as a dead lion but a dead dog. What a total lose of hope!

What a total lose of identity and desire to be counted among the known!

If a living dog is better than a dead Lion, he should have seen himself as a living dog not a dead lion but as worse as his situation was, he have gotten no other reason but to consider himself a dead dog not a living dog and not even a dead lion. What a devastating state he must have been!

But for the sake of his beloved father Jonathan, He become a master of many at his disposal even in his deformed state.

A single mistake of his grandfather displaces him from the royal blood but a single act of Love of his father places him back by default on the royal platform. Great grace!

I am telling you today "You aren't a dead dog".

Though people might have written you off, conditions and circumstances might have sap that vigor and enthusiasm within but I tell you "You are a King's Daughter or a King's Son".

Dumping ground is not your place to be and the wish of he who created you has been to set you on high while you radiate his glory not to sit at the place of eating scraps.

Your physical state doesn't matter at all.

Your financial state is'nt necessary.

What is necessary is that you are remembered today in God's mercy on the account of that single act of Love.

Situations and challenges aren't moving you because Jesus Christ is in you.

You are not being driven to condemnation by the current situations. 

You are active, alive, strengthen and empower through Jesus Christ the Living word of God.

You aren't a dead Dog.

You might have experience rejection, Frustration, Betrayal, Dejection, Oppression, Pains and Storms. Hear this! 

It doesn't matter. What matters is that God is saying to you today in his word that you should fear not, don't be discouraged, he is going to be with you wherever you go.

That mistake of others is'nt going to be accounted to your life because God is not looking at your frame but with eyes of mercy he is set to bless you abundantly. 

Declare "I am not a dead dog. I am active and alive in God's own image. Bodily challenges doesn't create in me low self esteem. I have overcome because greater is in that is in me than they that are in the world. I am a product of God's grace and Mercy. Amen!"

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©️ Faith Agi

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