It all happened few years ago when i was still enjoying the thrills of the world.The World implanted within me vain desires and pleasures.

I crave for the craziest things of the world just to feel better.

I never thought of any other life save the one I was living.

To me, anyone who cheer me up into being more committed in my escapade is he who loves me.

I never knew! I never knew that it was a disaster painted on the plate of pleasures for me. I continued in my endless adventure.

I rock the trending things of that era.

Life wouldn't have feel so good.

I never knew I was getting closer to the destination of doom.

I was feeling dizzy and stressed out this day.

What could have happened to me?

Men of the community waited earnestly to receive the cause of my dizziness.

Within me, I know something is wrong within.

The shadow of myself I become. 


What will become of me if it is what I am thinking?

I heard people say "Anyone pregnant must be stone to death".

Those words send cold chill across my spine.

Was I pregnant?

Oh! no I was.

They impregnated me with loads too heavy for me to bear.

My adventure led me into the cave of vicious men.

A day of stoning to death gets closer.

Who will help me out?

All they could say is "Why did you do it?"

"You shouldn't have become pregnant?"

"How did it happened?"

No one is ready to listen to me and perhaps understand me.

No one is ready to look into the frame I am made of.

Then came the man knocking at the door of my heart"

"Come unto me daughter" he said in a still Voice.

"No....i can't. I am scared of being stone to death" I said amidst tears.

"I am ready to carry the pregnancy in your stead" he assured me calmly.

For a while I stood there looking at how much a sacrifice a man could made just to bear the consequences of another.

It wouldn't have been better than to allow him carry this pregnancy that was imputed from my deeds.

I felt amazed by the intensity of his willingness to carry.

I reluctantly walk up to him in my uncovered shame that I might be covered by the radiance of his love.

Gently he patted me and whispered to me "It is finished".

The man who didn't commit was crucified for another's iniquity.

He was bruised, defamed and wounded for the cause of mine.

I said yes to he who was willing not to condemn me but to embrace me in spite of my filthiness.

I said yes to him because he was the the only one who is ready to bear my shame.

The pregnancy of my afflictions, tribulations, iniquities, fear, concern, errors and omissions he carried all.

I said yes to Jesus because he was the only one who understands that I was but I dust.


Faith Agi.


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