Do you know the devil has a ministry?

If Yes, do you even know the strategies he uses to destroy men using this ministry?

The devil has a Ministry. He did! and he press on daily to see to it that men are being recruited into his ministry. 

He press on daily to see to it that thousands of souls fell into his bait on regular basis.

He roar about relentlessly seeking whom to devour.

He is not resting why then should we rest?

According to John 10:10, the three fold Ministry of the devil includes; Killing, Stealing and Destroying.

Therefore, anyone who is working with the devil can definitely be regarded as a Killer, Stealer and a destroyer.

However, we can't just jump into the stage of overcoming these three fold works of the devil until we know and understand some certain things.

As knowledge comes before Understanding and as understanding comes before application so also on this note,we must first know and understand how it works before going to the stage of applying.

As we proceed, I want you to understand that before the devil can do the Busines of Killing or Destroying in the life of a man, something inestimable must have attracted him to the life of such man. And the devil we know never have anything good coming from him and would definitely not be happy seeing men accessing good things.

As said earlier, we must know the three main area where the devil lowers the life of a man. 

They includes;

1. STEALING: Before a robbery or theft must have taken place, there must have been a kind of survey by the thief or thieves.

A thief wouldn't just walk into the house of a man without having an idea of something he has purposed to take away. So also would the devil not walk into the life without having an intention of taking away something so special from the life of that man.

However, even before a thief would finalized his intention of visiting a man, he must have studied the areas where the man is vulnerable. He must have known fully the capacity of such a man.

The devil don't just come to steal from a man without first Studying and knowing the capacity of the man whom is to be visited.

This is the more reason why a man weakness (s) must be thoroughly put in check so that the devil don't use that as a means of penetrating into his life.

The Satan who tempted JESUS, first knew he was hungry and that become the first temptation.

The devil will not only come with the intention of stealing from a man. He always come forcefully attacking the most vulnerable state of the man.

What is your most vulnerable state?

Are you the kind that is quick to anger?, Are you the type that is dinning and sleeping in pride?

You that you know that staying around that lady is making you having unecessary urge for the forbidden (premarital sex), why then would you prefer hanging around such a lady?

Are you the type that half baked instructions?

Many has lost information, dealings and leadings at their most vulnerable state.


In every work of stealing by the devil, one most common thing he does is to make a man become an enemy of God.

He knew that if Eve fell into his deception, automatically the relationship of man with God would be seperated. Hence, he first distracted the woman from having consciousness of that right thing which has been laid down earlier for them.

When the devil wants to steal from a man, he would ensure a man's heart is rechanelled away from that which is right.

He rechanelled the heart of Eve from that which is right.

The first aim of the devil is to steal something from a man. 

It can be the cooperation of the man, it can be Unity, Trust, Obedience, Humility, Commitment e.t.c.

He gained access into the heart of Eve and used his works to steal the trust of the early man for God. He then gain access to destroy the relationship between the first men and God.

But glory to God who has set things back through the gift of his Son Jesus Christ. It doesn't come like that but with a price!

The heart of Samsom wasn't an exclusion.

When he successfully do this, his victims would naturally finds comfort in his words, plans and strategies and then great would come the falling.

What a deceiver he is!

2. KILLING: You have to know that the devil can't kill a man whom he hasn't first stolen something from. Hence, the need to remain ever vigilant.

Stealing comes before Killing.

In the relationship between DELILAH AND SAMSON, the devil uses three of this ministry.

First was stealing the secret to the strength of Samson, then the relationship between God and Samson was destroyed. 

The Bible Said in Judges 16:20 ".....And he wist not that the Lord has departed from him".

The devil already did the business of stealing the secret behind the strength of Samson through Delilah. 

After the stealing, come the departure of Lord from Samson. 

The relationship between God and Samson was totally destroyed. Thereafter, come the Killing of Samson. 

His Destiny was short-lived and his life was terminated. What a great destroyer; the devil was!

3. DESTRUCTION: On daily basis, destinies are being chattered, Marriages are being broken and things that have taken years to be erected are being broken down within a short period of time. Why? Because men has traded themselves into the three fold business of the Devil.

Some don't even know what it takes to tap into the finished works of Jesus at the cross.

Lives are jeopardized regularly for the works of the devil while the works of God are being neglected by those that are called.


Men that are most vulnerable to the devil's three fold ministry; Killing, Stealing and destroying are men who are yet to accept the abundance of life given unto them by Jesus.

See what John 10:10 says  "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."


When we talked about the new life, most people think it is all about not going back to the old ways which they have got engaged in before having that which is called the new life. But it is a capital "NO", the new life is beyond this.

The new life itself is Jesus Christ and there is no way a man who truly have this new life wouldn't Overcome the devil's plans, purposes and pursuits.

In fact, the badge of becoming an overcomer has been place upon every man who chooses to accept Jesus as Lord and Personal Saviour. If he be Lord over us and a Saviour in our lives then the devil has no say over our lives. Why is this possible? It is very possible because we bear his mark upon our lives.

Jesus says in Vs 7 of John 10 "....I am the door of the sheep". It means first before you become an overcomer, you must choose him as a Shepherd. 

Then, you now being a sheep would enter into new dimensions through your Shepherd; Jesus Christ. Dimension of overcoming, Dimension of new strength and dimension of power.

A must not forget about this all is that before the devil can achieve his aim upon the life of a man, he ensure he distract the man first.

How do one Overcome the devil's destructive distraction?

The only way to achieve this is to focus intently and consistently on Jesus the author and finisher of your faith.

Circumstances shouldn't be an area of focus.

Problems, vain praises and whatever that does not look like Jesus must be avoided.

Creature earnestly awaits the manifestations of the Sons of God (Romans 8:19) has become the Nursery rhyme of many but the question now is "What is this manifestation exactly talking about?

Have you ever manifest in it at all?

Let us see 1 John 3:8 "He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil"

Looking closely at the above, you will see that only Sin can separate a man from God and Sin later leads to death.

If you are in Christ Jesus, you become totally unfamiliar to Sin because the Spirit completely make you his nature as you live daily.

Also, according to the verse above Jesus was manifested unto a purpose. What is that Purpose? 

To destroy the works of the devil right? Very good!

If truly we are followers of this same Jesus whose purpose is to destroy the works of the devil, then our Purpose shouldn't be out of his.

How many works of the devil have you been able to destroy?

The abundance of life is in you. Until you admit and work through it, nothing is going to happen. Nothing!

The devil through his deception techniques is always out there roaring like a Lion, seeking whom to devour. We are not his Prey!

However, this is not just about you alone. It is not all about me. It is about other souls out there, around you who need to be saved from devil's fold works.

God is awaiting patiently for men that will arise and work in the manifestation of destroying the works of the devil. 

Men that will destroy Fear, Addictions, Sicknesses, Diseases, Infirmities, Low self esteem and every works of the flesh.

The time is now!

Thanks for taking the ride!

Do well to bless a soul today by sharing.




©️ Faith Agi.

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