ANCIENT PATHS

The discovery concept is very expedient for every believer.

The discovery of the paths in which the father's ran and stayed trough. 

Revival has come to sta... As it was in the days of old!

From the coordinators Desk

 Brethren, it is time to touch those things spoken of yet they're not seen...

We've spoken of the works of Kathryn khupman, John G. Lake, Arch Bishop Benson idohosa & so on...

We so much speak of their works that we forget to see their walks & the path which the threaded to manifest those works...

So our generation wants to see greater works with little or no walk...

It is time to tread those paths again!!!

Men will pray!

We will gain alignment!

Our eye's will be opened to see & our ears to hear!

Our steps will be ordered again!

A generation must Rise!



 _ Pst Princewill [Resident pastor , Shalom Christian Assembly Absu]

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