When you're in a relationship you will think it is the hot sharwama and ice cream he buys you that made it easier for you to forgive him for something he did wrong, until you come into marriage and realise that the most delicious sharwama in the world will do nothing without the Holy Spirit compelling you to forgive.

That yummy chocolatey icecream will melt in his hands while he is still on his knees apologising, because you are so mad at him that you are taking your time to process the Holy Spirit's instruction to forgive him.

Sometimes you will even wrestle with the pain for days long after your spouse has apologised, at that point, taking you on a romantic vacation will yeild nothing if the Holy Spirit does not heal your troubled heart and give you the grace to forget the past.

Spiritual intelligence!

This is the foundation upon which every believing marriage is built.

If you like let your wife kneel down to serve your mother breakfast and prepare hot water for her to bath everyday with Detoil, if the Holy Spirit is not active in your home it will still amount to nothing, wife will serve with grudges and mother inlaw will bath with resentments.

Mother inlaw will even be picking offense with the Detoil you put in her bathing water, that it is killing the gems quick quick.

If you lack Spiritual intelligence in your marriage you will struggle to make any tangible marital progress. 

When you're in a relationship, love will make you send text messages to your partner early in the morning asking her if she has had breakfast, it is when you are married you'll realise that no husband can wakeup in the morning to prepare breakfast in bed for his wife if he is not ruled by the Holy Spirit.

Ordinary to tidy up your own plate after eating is a herculean task for a man who lives outside the coverage of the Spirit, let alone helping your wife wash the dishes. 

Now that you're dating you are both eating out conveniently without problems, it is in marriage you will learn about the importance of the Holy Spirit urging you to resist road side food and go home to your spouse who has taken the stress to make you a meal.

It takes a man with the fear of the Spirit to be transparent about his finances with his wife. And it takes a woman who is fully submitted to the Holy Spirit to submit herself to her husband.

Marriage is 100% Spiritual Sir!

A covenant that was spiritually ordained cannot be physically sustained.

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