I remember those times when my mum will pray for us and say that whatever good thing we lay our hands on will prosper and whatever evil we lay our hands on won't prosper.

Those words stood over me for years and was implicating me in all evil I did. Others may jump a fence successfully but when its my turn to try, I'll surely get caught.

It was one afternoon in class ( Senior Secondary School 3 ) I decided to do something my friends has been doing for a very long time.

There was this girl who to me wasn't pretty but my colleagues will always have their way around her and do shitty things with her and she will remain just adamant. Oh wow! Cool to me, that day I stretched my hands to touch that which she has to be naughty and for the first time in history she held my hands and began to cry out loud in class.

Jesus! Wetin dey occur? I know I did a lot of things that my mums prayer helped out but it seems this case was different. Teachers came and saw where my hand was, one of the most fierce of them all.

My so called guys who were triumphant during their own tenure stopped talking to me and I felt all like a stranger.

I watched myself dragged into the principal office as I cried not knowing what lie to say, what to tell my parents who are Pastors, what to tell the proprietress..Could this be my doom?

In the proprietress office I couldn't explain anything. The lady kept on crying!

I was told to kneel down till classes for that day will be over so that when the lady's parents come to pick her they will get to see me.
At 2pm School dismissed I remained kneeling for an hour  more till her mum came, saw me, heard all that was said.

I cried.. I mean, I wept!

"Ma I beleive you are a Christian and can still forgive me this once"
They insisted they must tell my Parents, so they said they will call them to summon a panel meeting in school

That faithful day I reduced within minutes as I walked down home not knowing what to do. Their son who was the Pastoral one, the preaching one ..kai

But something happened.. I made up my mind that immediately I get into the house I'll take detergent and die out. that was the plan.

As I stepped into the palour, I was shocked to see my Mum sitting directly facing me and she said something "MY MAN OF GOD, YOU ARE WELCOME".. err, but is it not the same lady they called to already tell of my stupidity.

Immediately I broke into tears and ran inside, it was there that I heard God speak to me so audibly for the first time  .. He said
"Open your Bible".. Immediately I did, it took me to
 HEBREW 12:6
For the LORD disciplines those he loves, and he punishes each one he accepts as his child.”

My mum did not know my intent, but that was the very first time someone called me a " MAN OF GOD" not just His Son, I mean His MAN.
Those I called my MEN 

Discarded me, but if I'm Gods MAN why will he discard me.

The next day my Dad went for the panel, I went happily, this time I responded with the truth, cos ive caught light.
They suspended me for a week, but during that week I knew God better. He spoke to me, and my Mum did a lot of blessings and teachings that period.

I was expecting to meet an angry mother who will want to flog the hell out of me, then I'll go in and take the detergent, but look who I met, an angel, a jewel the one I call My diamond.. With the voice of the lamb she spoke and the mighty man in this feeble boy jerked back to life.

Beloved join me as I celebrate the Birthday of my Mother.
Pst Mrs Eucharia Nwanyioma Anukam
We will not fail God and we won't fail you.. I won't!

Send your Birthday wishes and blessings: 08067794435 (Call/SMS)

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