Abraham Sam Aiyedogbon

From an Opposer of the Gospel to a Preacher

Abraham Sam never believed in Christianity, he was inspired and made to believe that people who preached Christ were deceivers who didn't want people to enjoy their lives. Because of this belief he imbibed from a "mentor in sin", like he called the man, Abraham Sam went on with his reckless life of smoking and chasing women.

One day, his mentor in sin suddenly died without any illness and contrary to what the deceased told them that they could enjoy their lives and when they were much old, they could consider Christ, he and another friend found out that anyone could die at anytime. 

Another friend of theirs who they shamed because of his commitment to Christ came to preach to them and they warded him off saying they were not in the mood to listen to any preaching and as a matter of fact, there were sad that their mentor in sin had died and they were not in the mood for any gospel. 

They told their committed friend that they were far better than him. According to Sam, when he left, they told themselves the truth that their committed friend was better than they were because they lived reckless lives. 

Abraham Sam disclosed that his father was a lay reader in one of the highly respected church in Nigeria but back then, his father did not portray any good life to him and even though he preached in church sometimes, there was no real life of Christ for him to emulate. His father would often drink and get drunk. 

This wasn't all about Sam. He wasn't from a privileged background. Sam thought that it was normal to lay on the ground to sleep and that beds were for only mothers and fathers. It was when Sam got to school that he found out that it wasn't normal. Poverty isn't normal. 

Sam made up his mind to take a new live and seek God. He and his friend decided to go on a fast from 6-12 noon. That was indeed a herculean task for them but after that experience, the desire to go back to their former lives was no longer strong. They attended the Apostolic church and began to get committed. 

Sam later grew to being a Bible study teacher, leading a small group and in one of those times, that was when the Holy Spirit ministered to him that this was what he was meant to do for the rest of his life and that anything other than that was a waste of time. This was one of the series of events that led to Abraham Sam resigning his job with the communication ministry. 

As Sam continued to grow in Christ, he decided to attend Bible school at International Bible Training Centre, a step he took after encountering Jesus in a dream. According to Sam, in the dream, Jesus gave him the mandate to go preach righteousness to his people. When he woke from the encounter, he wept, he said he only figured out that was Jesus after he woke, that if He know, he would have asked Jesus to touch him. 

Today, Abraham Sam is the general overseer of the Word based church Realm of Glory Int'l, headquartered in Okota, Lagos State. He is also the regional leader of Every Nation whose leader is Steve Murrel. Realm of Glory has different branches spread across different states in Nigeria and even overseas. 

Abraham Sam Aiyedogbon has won many souls and is still leading many towards the enriching of the Kingdom of God. He has authored several books and is intentional about speaking up for good governance and a better society. 

Despite the odds, Sam turned out to be a Divine tool in God's Kingdom. Sam's life is an encouragement to everyone out there who thinks their story is too bad for God to fix. If God can use Sam, no one is an exception. You are not an exception. 




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