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Topic: The power of Praise ✍️

For Reading And Meditation: 2 Samuel 6:16-23

Thought: Men eat normal food to keep them energized but the savoring smell of praise keeps our God energetic.

Memorise: Psalm 103:1”Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name.”

As a child is waiting or being eager to be fed so as to be satisfied and even be strong in some activities that is how praise is to our Heavenly Father.

Praise is what he needs from us. He does not want your material things neither does He want your sacrifices he just needs Praise, thanksgiving with the heart of absolute sincerity.

Praise has a lot of power and glory. Some might think we are only singing but the truth is that we are actually building up things in the spirit and we are shifting something in the spirit. Praise is an atmosphere of joy and victory.

For example we saw the power of praise when the wall of Jericho fell down it was an atmosphere of victory through praise:

We also saw the power of praise when the people who criticized David were put in their place.

*What does praise actually do to us?*

1. Praise automatically brings joy to our hearts making us let go off unnecessary emotions when we do it with the whole of our heart. Have you ever wondered if you are really into praise session there is a kind of atmosphere you feel and joy behind to bubble within you? That is praise for you.

2. Praise is a sound of victory and thanksgiving A man who is not thankful is an ungrateful man. A who does remember the past victories and link it to the present cause God for the victories of the future. When a man is just thankful about situations in respective of the circumstance, he is always liable to victory.

A thankful heart is always equal to a victorious man. David knew this logic and  that was why he dances recklessly. No wonder today we would say “I would dance like David danced”

Be a man of praise and automatically you become a man of victory. It comes from a sincere heart!.

May the Lord give us a heart of Praise. Amen!

*Assignment* Learn to praise every hour of your life it won’t take you anything 

Prayer point Father let the power and strength to praise you eat upon me 

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