If I ask "Why do you pray?" from different individuals, I wouldn't be surprised at the diverse of replies I would receive from them.

To some they pray only when they have a pressing need. 

To others, the reason why they pray is because they felt it is a religious exercise.

 Yet to others, the reason why they pray is because they ought to show that they are praying.

However, the question now is "Are the above valid reasons why men should pray?"

if all the above aren't enough reasons why we should engage in prayer, How then should we view prayer? 

Below are some key points to note and Understand about prayer;

1.PRAYER IS NOT AN ADDENDUM TO OUR LIVES: Prayer is not just something that is added to us and mus'nt be fixed in wrongly in our lives. Seeing from the life of Jesus, you will agree with me that there is hardly a time when he wasn't found praying. Even if other kinds of prayers did not pop up in a single day, the prayer of thanksgiving never ceases from Jesus life. It was Part of who he is.

Therefore, as his followers, prayer is not an addendum to our lives. it is a course to live for.

Prayer is something we should live for and not something we should do because we felt we should do it.

Jesus Christ said  " ought always to pray, and not to faint". Luke 18:1

It is not an addition to our lives. We are created to live in Prayer, Walk in Prayer and Work through Prayer.

It is not a religious exercise, it is for the Kingdom man.

You shouldn't pray only when you are in need. In need or not, prayer is meant to be part of you.

You shouldn't see Prayer as something which you are doing to favour anyone.

It is not even something you did for God because if the benefits are coming, they are coming for you and not God.

It is a spark, it is a course, it is a move of Faith. 

2. PRAYER DRAWS US CLOSER TO GOD:  Prayer can be liken to the body spray. The more you press the spray button, the more the air is filled with the fragrance.

The more Persistent and commitment you are in place of Prayer, the more closer the fragrances of it rise up unto the father and the more it get you closer to him.

Prayer attracts a man to his creator. It is an attractor of man to God.

As said earlier, prayer is not something that should be done only when you felt you need something from God.Without prayer, there is a bridge between a man and God. There is no other means of getting closer to God other than prayer.

Through Prayer, the personality of God get more shed upon the life of a man. 

Why would you feel so easy to greet a man first thing in the morning without greeting your maker first?

Why do you felt the need to check that last WhatsApp message first before you converse with your creator in the morning?

How do you react when it is time to go into the atmosphere of communicating with God?

Intimacy with God, create way for other areas of our lives.

When a man make Prayer part of his life, his needs are naturally met by God.

3. PRAYER IS NOT FOR THE HYPOCRITE: Prayer is not something to be done in order to show off. 

If the mind of a man goes wrong, the words of his mouth goes wrong.

Praying to make people know you can pray is not a thing of the Kingdom elects. Doing that is an act of hypocrisy.

Beyond praying in tongues and tarrying for long hours, prayer should be something that is connected from the heart not something that is done by mere actions.

Don't pray because you feel it is what you should do, pray because you need to connect your spirit to the Father and that should be always.

4. PRAYER IS NOT LIMITED TO SPEAKING ALONE:  How much i wonder why many have misunderstood the concept of Prayer to a thing that should be done only by the words of the mouth.

Prayer is measured in the spirit. That is where the full measurement of it comes from.

I can be singing and already I am praying.

I can be dancing and already I am in prayer.

You can even keep silent and commune with God.

It is something that must be ignited in the spirit.

That is why you as a person can pray to God anywhere and through other means.

Worship is also a act of Prayer.

Acknowledging God is also a means through which you communicate with him.

Have you Prayed today?

5. PRAYER IS A WEAPON OF WARFARE: Anyone that is familiar with traditionalist lifestyle will agree with me that they spoke words and those words are incantations. Those incantations do a lot for them as they believe in them.

Therefore, we also have our strong word which is the word of God.

The word of God as strong and powerful as it is can only become active when it is being used by someone who choose to believe that it can be activated.

There is no other means of activating those words than in place of Prayer.

The weapon is not Carnal therefore the person who is to handle the Prayer must also not be carnal.

Which kind of words do you speak When praying?

Prayer is not just a mere routine. Beyond the Eleven hours stretch, beyond the Six ours roaring and beyond the Five hours travailing, if it is not from an intentional mind and if is is borne out of wrong motives, then all become a mere gymnastics, a mere exercise it is. 

Set right whatever you think should be set right now through prayers.

A Praying man is a winning man.

A Praying man is a prevailing man.

May the Lord help us to understand the power backing up our right mindset in place of prayer. Amen

©️ Faith Agi.

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