Your ways are not His ways, His ways are higher than your ways. Let me tell you how I got my call into ministry.

On a particular day in January 1994, I just discovered that there was something unusual about my personal praise session. ChurchGist. You know it is not a small thing to sing for 2 hours, singing, dancing, jumping, leaping and praising the Lord, yet, I still had the energy to do that. Suddenly, I perceived His presence, I knew His presence had filled the room.

And the next thing I was saying was "Lord I know you are here, what are You saying?" And He said "it is time to be under my servant (Bishop David Oyedepo), he will soon make a call, don't say that I have not called you, that is my call for your life." I heard it very clearly, I was too sure of it, it was very short and clear and in the morning when I told my wife, she said "once it is confirmed, you better let us run (with the vision)", because the temptation to ignore the call was there (we were in our own house with four cars as a Chartered Accountant). 

Two weeks after that, God's servant came to Kaduna for Weekend of Encounter. ChurchGist. And at a point before he rounded off the program, he said "God has spoken to me that there are some people who should join this work", he said "they are professionals, they are doing well in their profession but what is your profession compared to what God will do through you as you receive this call? What is your profession?" And the truth is that I like the Accounting profession, he first finished my profession and he said "therefore, if God has spoken to you that you are to join this work and you are sure of it, let me see your hand." It was like he was making Altar Call for salvation.

When I heard the voice of God, I didn't know it was very close - two weeks. It tampered with my programming and planning, I didn't know I was going to be a full-time pastor at that time because I was already a part-time pastor. So, reluctantly, I dragged my hand and I said "na so I dey go?"

Don't be afraid to start small, small can become big! God also started small, He started with one man, now there are 7 billion people in the world. I am one of the first eight members of Living Faith Church Worldwide, we were not more than eight when I got here but are we still eight now? Even the Churches in the village are not eight. If you are eight, we close you down. You can start with eight but you're not permitted to remain like that.

I pray for you today, you will soon go international! If you are already international, you will go multi-international! I command that you will not remain a local champion in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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