Behold the man who has refused to tame his tongue has been tamed of his tongue. 

The lady who speak daggers has been daggerred by her tongue.

They where warned severally "Learn the mastery of speech" but deaf ears they turned.

The woman who play ignorantly with the serpent in her mouth has been intoxicated by the venomous organ.

It kills faster than the venom of the most venomous snake.

In the same way, it soothes faster than the most effective balm.

I called it "The two side of the tongue".

You can either create with it or destroy with it. However, you can't do both at the same time.

You can chase away troubles with it or draw them more closer to yourself with it.

As a believer, will you rather speak words that rekindle evil to the ones that eliminate it?

Will you rather speak words that revive pain to words that kill it?

A man that speaks recklessly will perish in the same way. It is not a suggestion neither is it an assumption but a written fact from the word.

Many problems that confront men today can be link to nothing else but that which they have orchestrated with their tongue.

What exactly do you speak?

When do you speak them?

Where do you speak them?

Why should you speak them?

How should you speak them?

To whom should you speak them?

And from whom are you speaking from?

Until we make the above questions our speaking components, we might speak but it will definitely yield an unwelcoming outcome.

See what is said in 2 Samuel 23:2 "The Spirit of the LORD spake by me, and his word was in my tongue."

The act of speech is as old as creature itself. It is through it that the foundations of heaven and the earth was founded.

In Genesis 1:3 God said "Let there be light and light came forth".

The above tells us that words for good purpose or otherwise have a power backing it up and this is the more reason why we must be very careful not to use the tongue as an agent of destruction.

If God spoke the works of Creation into life, he expects us (man) who he created through his hands and not words to also speak things to life.

Lack of understanding will make a man reveal the secret of his life even unknowingly to his enemies.

Lack of understanding will make a man place his life and destiny at the mercy of the enemies through his words.

Today we will be learning three out of the six core aspect of speech which includes the  What of speech, The how of a Speech and the When of a speech.

1. The What of a speech: What kind of words do you speak? 

Are they the ones that aggravate the pain of men or the ones that lessen them.

As a lady, one word is said to you, you already replied with multitudes of words. Is this the quality of a virtuous woman? 

Do you even realise that you aren't going to remain a single forever?

Your parents can't give you simple correction as a child you already says countless of words to justify your actions. Is this how the word says we should honour our parents?

You wake up in the morning as a Christian and the first words that comes out of your mouth are words of curse, complaints and murmuring.  Don't you know every word carries power?

The Bible said "Be slow to speak" this means we are meant to listen more than we speak.

The what of your speech.

Even the words that you speak that seems right to you and to man, are they the ones which God has put in your mouth?

Whatever we say wether good or bad stand a witness. God said "Let there be light" and today we can see the witness of those words today.

You find yourself in trouble, what are your words to those troubles? 

Are you using your words to draw them closer or to repel them.

Whatever that is not from God or does not portrayed God in the life of a man become a lie.

Psalms 34:13"Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile."

2. The When of speech: The preacher in Ecclesiastes 3:7b says "a time to speak and a time to remain silent".

Keeping silent never makes a man a fool it rather keeps him from multitudes of trouble.

There are times when people are not in the right thinking to listen to that which you have to say and saying them will just be liken to pouring water into the basket.

As a daughter, I know and understand when my parents are in the right spirit to enable them listen to that which I have to say. I don't just walk up to them anyhow or anytime I feel is right to speak to them. The when of speech demands that you know when you should say those words. Knowing what to say is different from knowing when to say them.

If I have a message of repentance, the best time to deliver this message is not at the scene of an accident except I am led by the Spirit to say it there and then.

As a wife, if you know your husband had a long day at work and something unusual happened at their place of work, that day should not be the day to bring him words pointing at the need for him to see to the welfare of the family. He might hear but will not listen. Listening is different from hearing. 

When you give a message or speech at the wrong time, people might hear but will not listen. There is a very great difference. When men listen to you, the impact of your speech is directed to their heart but when they hear it is only a temporary thing that is just accepted by the organ of hearing (ear).

Know when to speak!.

3. The how of Speech: One thing is to know what to say and  When to say it, another is to know the how of it. If you are bringing petitions and request to God, is it in Pride or in Humility?  Is it in Faith or murmuring?

Is it in a polite or a rude manner?

It demands that your words are always seasoned and tender in a seasoned manner.

It is not just about what you say, it is about how you say it.

The words we speak are like sword, once they drop, there must be an impact.

Colossians 4:6 says"Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

We see that as important as it is to speak by communicating with men or with God, it is also very important that courtesy is included into it.

The tongue as powerful as it is can defile the whole body just as seen in James 3:6. As powerful as this can be just a word from a single person can make millions or even countless of men react. 

This is the power of tongue and it demands that we understand and make use of it core aspects in an effective and efficient way.

Men that keep silent when needed are men of efficacy.

Men that speak when required are men of relevancy.

May the Lord open your heart to the Understanding of this. Amen!

Follow up to get the remaining core aspect of speech.

Thanks for taking the ride.


©️ Faith Agi.

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