A follower that can't express in the dimension of his leader is nothing but a bastard.
The Shunammite woman's son was dead and it requires an urgent response from the man of God so that things can be set right again. However, the Man of God seeing his servant believe that he is up to the task so he sent him.
"Don't greet anybody and when you get there, place this staff on his neck". He said to him.

But what happened.......?
Gehazi was nothing but a disappointment. He make the disapproval of the mother of the Child became valid.

Elisha wouldn't have entrusted just a huge task into the hands of his servant if he knew he wasn't up to it. 
He knew he was up to it, Hence, the need to see to it that he be the one to go down there.

Gehazi's pathway was a contrast of that of Elisha as Elisha wasn't in anyway poor in terms of followership.
Elisha was a true follower of Elijah so much that even other Prophets testified to that 2 Kings 2:15. Where then did Gehazi got his own poor dispensation of power from?

Everything about Elisha was link to that his master.
His method of Solving solutions can be linked to Elijah's. Elijah raise a child by stretching on the child, Elisha did the same.
River Jordan was set apart by Elisha just as he saw his master did. 
A staff from a man with double portion of his predecessor's anointing was given to Gehazi and he couldn't do anything. Nothing happened?
What went wrong? 
Gehazi's heart must have been wrong. A wrong motives will yield a wrong results.
The same Gehazi's saw his master refused Namaam's gifts, yet decided to be a bastard by running after the gift which has been rejected by his master. Gehazi never understand that a sheep who refuses to follow the voice of his Shepherd is liable to be taken as a meal by a Wolf. It never occurred to him that it is only a sheep who hears the voice of its Shepherd that would be able to follow the pathway of the Shepherd.

Whosoever you decided to follow, you must be embodiment of.
Many of us confess that we have given our lives to Jesus for so long ago and yet we are still living as bastards, following after other things and allowing other things decrease the mark of followership in us.

The only thing that can be identified with people today as Christians is the Bible they carry.
Gehazi was holding his master's staff yet nothing happened.
Beyond just holding the Bible and going to church services or programs, there is more to this Jesus we talked about.
You are at the bus stop someone step on your toe, What was your reaction?
"If not because I am a Christian" as become the trending tag among Christians.

Is followership not beyond just being called a Christian?
Is it not beyond people seeing the Bible in your hands?
If something about Jesus is still lacking in the life of a man, then such a man need to review his life and set a balance.

The life we talked about is beyond living for men, conforming to people's opinion or suggestions.
The Life is all about Jesus. Living for Jesus or nothing.  All authority has been given to him and as Joint heir, we share in that authority too. It is divine!
Carrying out his instructions in a half baked manner shows nothing but lack of true followership.
Following him shouldn't be place on condition. It shouldn't be "If you do this for me then I will follow you".
When he said to the disciples "Follow me and I will make you Fishers of men" he didn't say he will make them first before they follow.
Followership comes before the making.
One thing that is certain is that demons know the people that carry the power and that was why the demons says to the Sons of Sceva "Jesus I know, Paul I know but who are ye?"
Problems and challenges knows those that aren't playing with them.
Are you a true follower of Jesus?
Even wherever you find yourself, be a true subordinate. Do not be too forward and do not lag behind. Allow your leader lead, avoid distractions and follow suite the track he his taking.

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