One of my experience when i was a fresher on campus.

This is not an aberration but a voice cry from the heart of a godly man. 

This post is dedicated to all sisters, ladies. As u read through I pray the lord open the eyes of your understanding 

-------------------------------------------------------------------As a fresher not knowing my left or right or any place around d aisle of uniport. I couldn't find my fellowship then on campus but then decided to worship with a fellowship considering d fact we all are one in Christ (the norm that we normally say) and d fact they came to preach in my hostel so I decided to join them to fellowship with them. I went in to d service, sat comfortable, funny enough in d mist of two wonderful gorgeous ladies.

The atmosphere was charged with worship and I worshiped and praised God. When it was time for d word we all sat down, d sermon was quite ok but I wasn't comfortable at all. When I look right my eyes couldn't behold what I see, when I look left another thing altogether, I looked at the altar side the ladies on the choir stand was another thing altogether to crown it all the mummy in Isreal her too was a different kingdom altogether. Within my heart, there was constant battle going on, battle against lust, against my depraved mind, I wasn't able to concentrate again anymore, was just asking God for mercy and grace to overcome this temptation that surrounds me till the church was over. 

I rushed down to my hostel and I immediately started looking for my fellowship and church where I can worship my God and  not struggle with lust in my heart. 


Sis sincerely you are beautiful, wonderful and a great personality, you are spirit filled, called mama or mummy I sincerely celebrate you, your efforts and zeal you put. Your voice brings down the holy of holies, people tremble at the feet of Christ as you sing and they are connected in the spirit, I don't doubt the fact that you see visions and get prophecy and revelations from God....


I understand the fact you hate being caged, your spirit does not condemn your new found attitude or appearance,  I understand you love your freedom, you want to be yourself, I understand the fact that you want to serve God the way you are, that your appearance does not matter but your heart matters, and you want the young ones to come the way they are but my dear Christianity is not all about you, you need to sacrifice your lifestyle for others. 


God is a spirit and whatever we do with our body is His concern. Must we dress as an harlot to tell the world to come the way they are, why won't the spirit of lust have His way into the house of God, many are battling with lust in thier hearts remember this men are still flesh and blood no matter their spiritual stamina. 


There is no perfect chuch but yet the Holy spirit still Emphasizes on this issue. Y allowing idols into ur life, d lifestyle of u is becoming an idol given offneces in everything. Christ expect us to grow while we walk with Him not to remain d way we are

Last time I returned home I engaged a friend in a converstion in her school  wen I visited, y do these tins or act like this now bcos u re now on campus, bt d respond I received was quite alarming and was broken hearted and I felt compassion that the enemy is at work. Josh I just want to dress well, look presentable and feel among my course mates was d reply I got. It does not mean am not living right dats was d respond I got. I was like so befor you don't dress well????? 


The end there off of waywardness is a great disaster that makes one to regret ur past lifestyle. 

1Co 10:23 “Everything is lawful,” but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is lawful,” but not everything builds others up". 

Your life should reflect the glory Of God, what ever you do, do to the glory of God.

Can the glory of the lord be manifest through sin, when you are delibrately goin into d sin of Jezebel with ur attire of harlot discreating this altar God is not happy with u. 

 My heart bleeds. We have all missed it at oe point in our lives. Am not the saint neither are u d sinner, but be careful of fruitless efforts, we cease to be a blessing the moment we neglected the fountain of living water and intended our own ways. 


The lord said we can't get to the next level he intends for us except we deny ourself and lay all at His feet. So many of us claim to know the lord are not ready to release anything to Him, we deny Him when we are faced with temptation though they claim to be born again. We need to regularly check if our lives and ways please the lord. 

WHERE IS THE PLACE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT?  SHOULD WE GO INTO SIN BECAUSE WE WANT TO SAVE SINNERS that He doesn't care of our appearance using the wisdom of men to run spiritual race. U cease to be a blessing wen u forsake fountain of living water. Go back to ur source and stop this useless and fruitless efforts.. 

Bethel awaits you if only u can go back, go back to ur first love where u once started, go back to calvary. Don't allow the judgment to meet u befor u repent. 

I love you all but God loves you the most. 

Is about the Gospel.

©Joshua Daniel

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