Long ago an earthly creditor credited her late husband setting him on the page of a debtor. Here comes the time to pay off the debt but there was no source of paying it off. She feel dejected, depressed and dazed by the doom that the creditor has set to bring upon her owing to the debt.
She was at the mercy of an earthly creditor.
Initially she wasn't a barren woman. Yes! she wasn't. But now she was at the mercy of losing her mark of fruitfulness to debt.
She was a widow,  she has nothing save these two nations she could call her own and here she was at the verge of losing them to the pangs of debt.
Her husband? Already in the list of the "Late's".
Coupled with the pain of widowhood,it must have been so unbearable when she discovered that she was about to lose the only two people she could called her own to debt.
Two whole nations to be set as replacement for debt? Impossible!
Such a pathetic experience it must have been.

Who will she run to?
Who will save her from the disaster that is set to come upon her life?
Where will she get that which will settle her late husband's debt?
Is this how her life would become empty all of a sudden because of debt?
Is this how her life will become a shadow of itself? No husband to rub mind with and again there will be no seed to succeed her late husband?
Then when everything seems to get to the peak, she cried out to God through a man of God. She cried out!
She wasn't going to keep quiet and allow the creditors take away two whole nations from her life. No she wasn't.
She cried out Saying "Thy servant my husband is dead; and thou knowest that thy servant did fear the Lord: and the creditor is come to take unto him thy two sons to be bondmen"

She know that her husband was dead but she yet speak about the works of her dead husband Saying " You know that he feared God". She know his works will stand as witness.
And the man of God asked her "How can I help you?" Tell me what you have in your house?"
The end of it all was a testimony for the helpless widow.

A take home from the story.
✅CRY OUT BEFORE YOU DRY OUT: If you don't cry out, you may not receive that which will solve your problems. When the word says "Ask and ye shall receive", it doesn't mean God is not aware of that which have set themselves obstacles and confrontations in your life. 
He knows and understands what you are going through. He know!
If you don't cry out, you will forever remain in pain and may not find solution to that which you have long to settle.
On his way from Jericho, the two blind men cried out to Jesus Christ persistently before they got the question "What did you want me to do for you?"

If you are the one that is going through emotional torture, physical pains, financial challenges and the rest and you still believe that you don't need to ask before you receive, it is high time you left that field of mentality. 
Simply ask, don't assume people know what you are going through, they are not God and they may not know until it is reveal to them by the Spirit of God. Note that before it be reveal it might be too late!
If you need help spiritually, reach out to the true vessels of God who could be of help out.
Emotional supporters also do exist.
God wouldn't come down from heaven to assist you. He will still make use of fellow men to do that.
Speak out and be released from the disaster that has been set by the creditors of this world to take away from you that source of Joy.
Speak out, Cry out and be set free.
Ebenezer is here to help you out!

✅YOU HAVE SOMETHING: There is something that is under your abode that can solve that problem. Humanly impossible but Divinely possible to solve your problems.The widow of Zeraphith wouldn't have thought it needful for such a small quantity of oil to be a solution to such a big problem. However, that isn't hers to determine.
It is God's to help you choose that which will solve that problem, it is yours to accept that which he has chosen.

The widow of Zeraphith didn't just take the steps because the man of God ask her to do that. A quality that drive her into taking the step is the certainty she has build in what God can do through the man of God.
It doesn't matter if the process of getting the  solution looks awkward or not.
It doesn't matter if the process of getting to pay the debt is usual or not.
What matters is that to every problem, there is an agent of solution within and around the person who is facing the problem to solve it and it demands that you act as directed by God before the problem can be solved.
Admit you have those things and make use of them.The abundancy you see today comes from the fragments of several days. 

✅ALL WORKS AND DEEDS HAS THE DAY OF RECKONING: The widow didn't just said her husband feared the Lord because she wanted to give glory to her late husband. No! 
What prompted her to say that was to link the situation at hand with the promises of God.
What are the promises of God?
One of them is that those that feared him will never be put to shame.
The woman seeing that she was about to be put to shame due to debt make the works of her late husband a witness to that which she was tendering at the moment.
A great lesson to learn from this part is that unknown to you or not,your works to God is being recorded and one day it will stand as a witness.
In the day of trouble, your works will stand as a witness.
The woman is Saying in essence "I might not deserve your help but look back at the works of my husband which you are aware of and help me out of this!"

While you are yet alive, why don't you store up for yourself works that will stand for you in the days of adversity. Works that will intensify his mercy upon your life, saving you and even others from the debt of the world.
To everything we do here on earth, there is a day set up for the works to rise a witness either against us or for us. Think deeply about this.

✅ RETURNING THE THINGS OF THE WORLD ALWAYS EXCEED THAT WHICH IS GIVEN: What the world gives to a man is always a debt and to return the debt of the world, the increase is always not very easy.
May we not see that which will cause out to borrow from the world.
People out of frustration has gotten things; wealth, academic grounds, career, business and the rest from the world and it will be so shocking when that which is returned in exchange for these things are viewed.
When the world promises you a penny just know that you will return not less than ten times that which it has set to give you.

Maybe you have been indebted to the world in one way or the other just know that only God can save and deliver you.
Don't allow it get out of hand before seeking an helping hand of God.
God is ready to wipe away anything in form of debt that is set to bring you shame. Just cry out to him. Let the voice of your petitions ascend to the throne of grace. Let it ascend!
Anything set to turn every fruitfulness in your life to barrenness is muted now. Amen!

#Dont be silent#
Mati(Virtues Radiant)
©️Faith Agi

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