Dear relationship somebody,

Please, I beg you, now that the relationship is still sweeting you like paulina paulina, make sure that the brother you are joyfully declaring to be GOD'S WILL for your life knows and has agreed that he is God's will for you.

This is one of the main reasons why marriages don't last, even the most beautiful and Godly of marriages. It is because aunty is on this side calling uncle her God's will, while uncle on the other side has not accepted that indeed he is God's will for her life, talk more of accepting the responsibility that comes with being God's will.

Please they don't teach these things everyday, I need you to catch this once and for all, and I'm talking to both genders here.

Before you start calling that sister God's will for marriage,  make sure she has accepted that she is God's will for your life, before God's will will turn to wheel barrow 5 months into marriage.

This is what breaks marriages today.

People throwing the phrase "God's will" up and down like a religious slang, without coming to light of the FUUUUUULLLLL responsibilities that comes with becoming somebody's God's will.

There are responsibilities that comes with that assignment Ma.

It is not after a year of marriage without a child uncle Godswill will become uncle wheel barrow, pressurizing and calling you a witch for not giving him a child, forgetting that one of the responsibilities that comes with being God's will is the patience, endurance and sacrifices that will be required of him in these trying times.

Do you understand what I'm talking about now?

There are heavy responsibilities accrued to being anyone's God's will for marriage. If the person does not accept and understand that he or she is God's will for you, you will keep working overtime to convince that person to stay in his or her place of assignment.

This is why it is dangerous when you are the only one that got a conviction from God before marriage, when there are two people in the relationship. It is risky when you are the only one that got the vision, saw the dream, heard the word, or believed the Prophesy that your partner is God's will for you.

The other person must see it too, God will always put a confirmation in the other person, because even God knows that one person alone cannot see the vision for marriage, it takes TWO to create a covenant!

Let God's will know and accept that they are God's will.

Not that when challenges start springing up in marriage God's will will start changing to willy willy, dragging their feet instead of being supportive, because they did not accept the assignment in the first place. 

The will of God does not change, do you understand?

God's will is equipped to handle whatever situation that arises in marriage, this is why they are called God's will.

In times of lack - God's will is equipped to stand with you through the journey to prosperity. 

In times of malice - God's will is equipped to make sacrifices to bring peace.

Now that the matter is sweeting you, have this discussion and let your partner understand what he or she has been willed for!

Now that uncle is calling you his will of God, ask him if he has also been willed to withstand the dangerous smell of your fart, thr annoying sound of your snoring and your inconsistent mood swings.

This is what God's will truly means...

Willed to understand.

Willed to withstand.

Willed to manage.

Willed to intercede.

Willed to stand in the gap.

Will to be forgiving. 

willed to tolerate.

Willed to encourage. 

Willed to make sacrifices.

Willed to be inconvenienced.

Willed to succeed. 

Willed to be happy, etc.

God's will is more than a religious slang among Christian singles, it is a covenant place of assignment in the life of another person. Please think carefully before you marry willy willy. 

Have you heard me?


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