No man would know the pains or feelings which another passed through until it is possible that he be puts into the position of that person. 

Sometimes ago, a woman visited our home taking along with her a big local dog.

On getting to our place, she greeted my mum and immediately they got engaged in a conversation while I kept myself busy with the chores I was doing before her arrival.

While doing what I was doing, I overheard her saying something about the dog she brought along as she caution the kids to be careful with it.

I took a closer look at the dog and of course I could see the look of rage and sadness on the poor creature's face.

"What happened?" I asked her so as to be very sure about the whole story.

"It disappointed it owner" the woman replied reluctantly.

I was like "How can a dog disappoint it owner?"

Then she went further into explaining that the dog has accompanied its owner to farm earlier in the day,on their way home, a bush meat was sighted but the dog which ought to become the hunter and help its owner do the catching  turned out a weakling despite the fact that it is up to the task. So, this made the  owner got very angry and refused to give food to the dog even after she finished beating it.

My mum was like "As big as this dog is, it ought not to miss the game".

As for me, I got  mixed feelings; Pity and concern for the poor thing. After much pondering, I managed to speak with so much agitation in my voice "Why on earth will a dog be punished for missing a game. No doubt much expectation and trust has been built on the dog by its owner,nevertheless ,they shouldn't obliterate the fact that lesser creatures too do make mistakes as much as we human beings too do".

I pleaded with the woman that brought it along with her to help give something to the dog as it poses danger to lives since someone might be injured by the hungry and angry dog if care is not taken.

Such as a hungry man is an angry man. So also is an angry dog a hungry dog.

I finally added "If human beings with more complex brains make mistakes and often disappoint, how much more this poor creature. Please ma help this dog out".


Many of us are like the dog and It owner.


These are people with a desirable level of capability, this makes many to build hope and trust in them.

They are versatile in Knowledge, financially stable or excellent in many things so much that many don't expect them to make mistakes again.

There is this kind of "All CAPABLE" title given to them by people around them and whenever they performed below expectation, the end result is always bad.


These people can either be followers or leaders to those people in the dog category.

They believe the dog has abilities but it never run across their mind that the dog can also make mistake.

If those people in the dog category eventually make mistakes, the people in the latter group behave as though the person in question has been obliged not to make a single mistake while on earth again.

They withdraw their role or things they do to support the person in question just like the dog owner refused to feed the dog owing to the single act of omission.

Such people come up with unwelcoming attitudes and ensure that the life of the person who make the mistake is frustrated.


I have practically seen parents deprived their children of certain but usual fun they should have due to a mistake that was made by the children.

"She broke the plate" they will say. Who is so perfect not to have make a mistake of breaking a plate!

Do not get me wrong sir or madam. I am not saying that the children should'nt be reproved or chastened when necessary but it is very important to do it with cautiousness and wisdom.

As bad as this may be, I have seen parents who refused to pay their children school fees when the kind of sells the child or children are expected to make for their parents isn't feasible.

I have heard of bosses who have subjected their servant or housemaids to long lasting injury due to a single act of omission or mistake which a human is very liable to make.

I have seen members build so much trust in their Shepherd that if eventually a single act of omission comes up, you will see everyone withdrawing and condemning the man or woman of God as though he or she is wholely a spirit without the body.

It is high time we understand that as far as a human being still remain in the flesh, one way or the other he or she will make mistake.

And the best way this can be resolved is to correct such a person in love rather than always complaining, metting out punishment or giving unbearable or provocative chastening. 

Above all, everyone of us is like the dog in the hands of the owner (God).

Have you ever thought of how frequent you make mistakes and you still come to the throne of grace and leave without condemnation?

Have you ever come to wonder how many a times you have disappointed God as a dwarf when he is actually seeing you as a giant?

Most times he expect us to prevail over so many things but we still act as weakling refusing to bring out the worth he has put in us. Yet he wouldn't be like the dog owner.

He has handed over to us the duty of catching games(Souls) for him here on earth by going out there to fulfill the commission. How many days have you ever set aside for God in this regard out of the 365days in a year?

We have make countless of mistakes, we have downgraded the worth he put in us by going after the things of the earth but he will never starve us like the dog owner did.

He understands that we are human and will never chastened us to the point of posing danger to those around us.

Even the pregnancy of our iniquities he bore for us, many despised, forsake, reject and even forget that inestimable love of his. Yet God will never be like the dog owner.

All he need from us is to follow him as he leads so that we don't make mistakes and even when our human nature caused us to make one, he will not mete out capital punishment upon us just as men would do.

He would not lash out abusive words and words that reinforces depression, frustration and condemnation upon us.

Human beings will condemn you and give you countless reasons why you shouldn't make that mistake but as for the shameless lover (Jesus) there is no condemnation with him. Even in your mistakes, his love is still very much abounding. 

Do you take this for granted?

How much have you given in order not to make the blood he shed for you be in vain?

Are you seeing the giant he is seeing in you?

To whom much is given, much is expected.

Creation earnestly awaits the manifestation of you.

How faithful have you been to the shameless love of your life?.

Before you condemn others, ask yourself "What if I was in his shoe?", "What if it was me and not them?", "What if it was my child?", "What if it was my blood?"

After you finish asking yourself one or two of the questions, then you can go ahead to do or not do that which you intend doing.

It is very much easier to condemn, raise abusive words, chasten and make blames if we aren't the one on the spot but the question is "Wouldn't it have been worse if it was you?".

Rather than giving out unnecessarily condemnations or blames, it is more blessed to correct in Love just like the Father has taught us. Remember, you too make mistakes!

©️ Faith Agi

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