"Get out of here!" 

The husband shouted. "What do you have? What do you know? There is nothing you can own if I don't give you the money. Nothing except you collect the money from me."

The husband said while ignoring the request of the wife.

He is a business contractor who comes home with bags of money before taking them to the bank. He's always getting contract worth millions, but on the other hand, his wife stays at home as a full housewife.

"But I'm praying for you to be successful." The wife said mildly while trying to swallow the hurtful words.

"Abeg, leave that story. I'm tired of hearing it. You just sit down there telling me you're praying for me. Yet you can't afford to buy anything of your own unless I give you the money. So just sit down there and shut up!" The man angrily boast authoritatively.

Deeply hurt by the words, she couldn't uttered any more words nor make request for what she needed. 

She felt useless and irrelevant and above all, she felt like a pest sucking life out from her husband.

"But I am taking care of the house and the children. I make sure his food is ready on time..." She thought to herself. " ... But he's right. I'm useless. No source of income from my side"

A hot tear ran down her cheek followed by other salty tears wounded by her emotion. 

Yet she didn't utter a word, not to herself nor to her husband.

Exactly one month later, the husband lost his the contract that was already awarded to him. It even cost him more money as he has to refund and as well pay his engineers and workers off. 

Things became hard for the family because after he lost the job, he couldn't get any other contract job again. They were broke beyond doubt.

The wife knew it was because she was hurt, even though she didn't utter a word. 

Now both couples are out seeking what to do to survive.

Husband, appreciate your wife as much as peace reigns in the family.

 Either we like it or not, not all women will become business women; this is because some women are more endowed when it comes to working and bringing in money for the family than some women

I know of some families whose wives are more financially productive than their husbands yet there is peace in the home.

Don't make your praying house wife feel useless and irrelevant. If you are not happy with the fact that she's staying at home, both of you should discuss it together and discuss the benefits of working together to increase the source of income for the family. 

There's no need to shame each other. Work together and come out with a solution.

And to the wife, as you already know that  taking care of the home is a whole lot of responsibility. It's not easy but it is possible to merge it with doing something to increase the source of income in the house. Yes you can be working and still be a praying wife.

Do you know that no one is left without at least a talent to trade with. Yes you have a talent to trade with for profit of your mandate in life. Don't bury it under marital responsibilities, rather let it speak for you.

 You are as married as your husband, you are made for more. You are made for relevance. You are made for fulfilment. You are made for prosperity.

Do you know that having a source of income to increase the family income is another good way to support your husband?

Not just to support your husband alone. It is not all about that. It is more than that. 

It boosts your confidence and makes you financially capable.

It increases your self esteem. 

It gives you a whole lot of edge over poverty. 

It helps you to submit in truth and in deed. 

It gives you joy. 

It makes you full of life and lots more

You don't have to wait until you are insulted.

You don't have to wait until someone dies in the family. May God continue to protect us and our loved ones. Amen.

You don't have to wait till your husband lost his job, only for you to realise you could work after all. 

You don't have to wait till you don't have money to spend. 

Ask God to help you. Engage the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Let him minister to your need. Let Him teach you what you need to know. 

Look around you, look within you what is God pointing your attention to?

It could be acquiring a skill.

It could be learning to be a delivery nurse.

It could be reviving your writing skills.

It could be opening a shop to sell certain things.

Whatever it is, discuss it with your husband and see the way out.

You can dream again.

You can live again.

You can rise again.

Be The Right Team Your Husband Needs.

As a married spouse, you need the spiritual support of your partner. Don't make the other person feel useless and irrelevant simply because you're the one bringing in money.

There is prosperity in agreement. No matter how successful you are, you need each other to go further.

© Shola A. Ogundimu

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