What is your treasure? 

Children, fame, money, connection, Fashion, women, pride, praises, degree and the likes have been what many have chosen to become their treasure. Which is yours?

The truth is that a man becomes a worshipper of what he centered his heart upon. If what I majorly focused my heart on is money, then I am without doubt a money worshipper.

Everything a man becomes in life is what he is himself. If your siblings, children or next of kins are not intelligent, all that your intelligence has put together in this world, will spoil and become a waste in few years to come.

It is worthy to note that no one can live his or her life for the next generation. No one! 

Once a man is dead and perhaps isn't brought back to life through the supernatural power of God just like that of Lazarus, gone is the man.

Have you ever sit to reason that one day this journey is going to come to an end? Once a man is gone, gone he is!

Where a man treasure is.

Let me ask you, how many people are not occupying themselves with things other than the ones they should occupy themselves with?

A few! In Luke 19:13, the master did what he should do by first calling his servant, then handed over to them that which will keep them busy and then he said "Occupy till I come.". 

This is authoritative "Occupy till I come".

This tells us that everyone born of man or woman must not be found indolent here earth. He or she must be busy with something that will make him or her relevant.

The problem is not that a man is occupying himself with something. Where the problems lies comes with "What" the man is occupying himself with.

The question I ask you now is, what have you been occupying yourself with?

An humble, Sincere and correct answer to the above would result a glorious revival in your life including that of those around you.

Whatever you occupy yourself with is that which we refer to as your treasure and where your treasure is just according to Matthew 6:19-21 there your heart will be also.

What have you been occupying yourself with?

Where exactly is your treasure?

What exactly is your treasure?

I recall of a story of a rich man living around my area. This man was so rich that he could be regarded as the most rich around that environment. Everywhere was sparkling. Also, he has a borehole in his house where people went to fetch water but the problem is that he talked so harshly and treated people with contempt when it comes to giving or selling out the water.

Complaints upon complaints from people who care to complain.

Things where going on smoothly. The man never planned to die. He was not ready for death. He would have believed that he would live for many years but one bloody day, he died. If money could get everything!

He had not yet been buried when the people around the environment went straigaway to the tap water, began to waste the water, calling his name saying "Baba e dide won ti n fi Omi yin sofo" meaning "Baba get up, your water is being wasted" If money could raised the dead!

It was a pitiable sight to see! 

What has God called you to occupy yourself with?

You need to answer this question: Whose shall those things be which you have provided? Who do you know will possess them? Who has assured you that it is that child that will possess them?

The treasure of the Baba was on material things but the end was sure unwelcoming.

Perhaps your ground has brought forth plentifully just like the rich man in Luke chapter 12 and you have been thinking and pondering on what to do with the excess.

Maybe you have thought to yourself "I have achieved a lot,Oh yes!" or you have considered how to move to new level of wealth, intelligence, Job, connection or contacts. The question is; these your grounds that have brought out plentifully, how are they related to what the master has asked you to occupy yourself with?.

That your running up and down, is it not the desire to have some certain things laid up for many years?

What is your thought, you have probably been saying " Let me get one more degree so that I can gain more rank in the society".

Hope God won't say to you "Thou fool".

Perhaps you have been recognised by men as Professor so and so and that has been what you have all your life doing, listing out achievement.

Inside the church, you are known as a prominent man of God by men; but outside the church do your life mean something to God?

Nobody is asking you not to lay up treasures here on earth but be very sure that rust and moth will destroy them.

One day, that fame and recognition will end.

One day, that ministerial journey will end.

One day, you will live that wealth and earthly possession probably to men that you didn't even store them up for.

One day, your soul will be required of you.

One day you will look back with either a smile of fulfillment or a face of regret.

Then,you will be called to give an account of how you have lived this life; your life which God has given to you for a while.

Have you been gambling with your life? If yes, then it is dangerous! After death comes judgement.

You have lived many years now, how many of it have you spent to do something for your creator?

Wordly things are all Peripherals. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.

Your Body and your spirit are God's therefore you must glory God in them.

Material possession, Fame, Family, Popularity, Degrees, Excellence and any other treasure will passed away but that which you store up for yourself in the spirit realms will not.

Feed your soul, win souls for God, go into service of the kingdom and work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Where is your treasure?

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be.

Your treasure, Your heart.

Thanks for reading.

God bless you.

Written by Faith Agi.

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