John 1:16

And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.

Many Christians are too busy asking God for more of Him to be given to them. They sincerely want God to increase the measure of Himself they've got in them. So many persons have requests like this in their prayers and songs. The truth is, as sincere as such requests are, they never get answered. 

People never really grow by making such prayers or singing such songs. Yes, they may get really emotional or feel like they're making progress, but they really only end up in circles. Why? Simply because God didn't give Himself to us in measures. He gave us all of Him. Of His fullness we have received!

Christ in you is total and complete, and there's no more or extra of Him waiting to be given to you from outside at some point in your Christian life. You have received of His fullness already and it's important you understand this. You see, the difference is not in receiving more of God, but in the depth of your walk with the one you already received. 

That is, in the depth of your knowledge and practice of the Word, and in your consistency in fellowship with the Spirit. Having received Christ, you must let Him from inside you, occupy and govern your soul entirely, by letting the Word dwell richly within you. Spend time with God in prayers, fasting, and fellowship. That's where the difference is, in the depth of your walk with Him. You have all of Him already. You have His fullness, now spend time with Him to walk in His fullness.

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