Seatdown, count the cost, go for knowledge. Go for knowledge! I remember when God spoke to me back in those days on campus, He said Ejimi what would you do if you have all the money in the world, and I said wow is that even a Possibility? And I decided to go for knowledge and I discovered that there's a sphere in business called Private Banking and wealth management, God didn't tell me that. 

The first training I did, it cost me $1000 I was a corper. $1000! Eventually, I couldn't finish paying the guy,  remaining #30 000. I said bros I don't have #30 000. All the other people there, were sponsored by their banks, bank MDs, bank directors, I paid for it, I saved! Prior to that time, I have never used a phone more than #12 000. But I was doing trainings and that time, God gave me an instruction, I wanted to do a certification training, it costs 3 months of my salary. My 3 months salary for that training ha ahn!!. Go for knowledge! Go for knowledge!!

Bishop David Oyedepo said that the time when he wanted to start covenant University, he studied all the top IV league universities from Yale, to Prinston, to Oxford, to Cambridge he studied their modus operandi, at a point, he could tell you everything about those universities off hand, how won't Covenant University be the best University, now people are saying it's so expensive, with the process the man used, the sacrifice of research, does it look cheap? (Congregation echo no!!)

Go for knowledge, spiritual insights, Job knew that if I offer sacrifices continually the hedge will be placed around me. What do you know that guarantees your spiritual fortitude and fortification. You're so quick to say Oh God why me? Why not you? You say God why me? God now ask you, why not you? You now say but you love me, God now says I love everybody. It's your sacrifice that distinguishes you. What is your insight that distinguishes you? 

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