1 Corinthians 6:17

But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.

Some Christians have an old testament approach to God. There are certain ideas that are so wrong and contrary to the Word of God. Some Christians believe that when they want to pray, they'd have to connect to God with their spirits, and as soon as they get connected, then they can pray effectively. 

This is so wrong, and it's one major reasons for the problems people have during prayers. You don't try to connect to God during prayers. Why? Because ever since you were born again, your we're joined to Christ. You were joined to Him, such that you even became one spirit with Him, and that's how you are now. 

Your spirit is literally joined as one with the Holy Spirit. How could you be looking for a connection when you're one with Him? That's an error born out of ignorance. If you walk in ignorance, you'd have mistakes and problems. Refuse to live like that. We don't pray to connect to God, no! 

We are ever joined with God, and we pray from oneness with Him. This alone will change your whole prayer life when you believe it and hold it seriously. Say this with me "I never get disconnected from the Holy Spirit. I am joined with Him, in oneness always with Him, and I pray from oneness with God! Glory to God!" You're blessed. -TCF

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