Nicholas Duncan Williams, popularly known as Archbishop Duncan Williams, is a Ghanaian archbishop of the Christian Action Church International Ministry. He is known as the founding father of the Christian Action Faith Ministries, which is a charismatic movement that serves a better part of the West African region. Born on 12th May 1957 in Ghana, Nicholas Duncan Williams has spent over 40 years of his life serving God. He is famous for his life changing testimony about how he lost three of his fingers before he changed his life.

Duncan Williams education

Duncan may not have had any education with only pidgin English to show for it, however, his beginnings were not a curtailment for the achievements that he has made over the years. He is known for a number of publications, a fete that not even the very learned have managed to achieve.

Duncan William’s parents

Born to Mr. E.K Duncan-Williams, a well-established politician, ambassador and Chief and Mrs. Florence Bruce, Duncan Williams was a special kind of a child. Before his birth, his mother developed complications that led to doctors recommending that the pregnancy be terminated. That was because the pregnancy was posing a risk to her health. Despite stern warnings she decided to carry the pregnancy to term. To prove that Duncan was a miraculous baby who was destined for greatness, he survived the then fatal medical procedure. After the medical practitioners had conducted the procedure, they discovered that Mrs. Florence Bruce was expecting twins. Duncan survived the procedure while his twin succumbed to it. This was an incredible moment for his mother.

During his childhood, Nicholas Duncan Williams experienced many problems. This may have been because of his large family and many siblings. He barely got any attention from his parents. Actually, he learnt to fend for himself at a very tender age. This exposed him to a lot of harmful situations, especially for the fact that he was a young man who barely had knowledge or skill to earn a living. However, it appears as though it was all part of the making of the great man that he is today.

Early Life 

His father became actively involved in Nicholas’ life at the age of 16. With 43 sisters and brothers, Nicholas primarily raised himself learning the art of survival through difficult circumstances at a very young age. While growing up, on multiple occasions, he nearly lost his life. In 1976, on the bed of affliction after tragically losing three of his fingers, Nicholas Duncan-Williams, was converted by nurses, Mrs. Raj (Hemalatha John Rajaratnam) of Nurses Training College, and the Acquah sisters, who evangelized to him on his hospital bed at now Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra. From that moment he gave his life to Christ and made a vow that he would spread the gospel throughout the nations and serve God for the rest of his life.

Ministry [Christian Action Faith Ministry]

After receiving his Holy Ghost baptism in the Church of Pentecost, he attended Bishop Idahosa's Church of God Mission International Bible College in Nigeria to be trained as a pastor. Soon after returning he founded the Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) and the Action Chapel International (ACI). The CAFM was the first Charismatic church in Ghana. The Christian Action Faith Ministries has its headquarters at Action Chapel International, which is one of Accra's largest mega-churches. Having started as a prayer meeting at his father's house, CAFM moved to several locations (Fadama, Tradefair, International Students' Hall, Diplomatic Shop) as it grew till it eventually came to find its headquarter at Spintex Road, where the Prayer Cathedral is located since 1992. Since then CAFM grew across Ghana, Africa, and the world with branches across Europe and North America.

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