Revelation 1:1

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants—things which must shortly take place. And He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John, nkjv

The book of The Revelation Of Jesus Christ written by Apostle John, as received from the angel of the Lord is one book of the Bible that many people don't like reading. Many complain that they lack understanding of the book no matter how much they try to get the message. Others become terrified or scared by some of the things they see written in the book, and so they discontinue with it.

These are not supposed to be so. The book of the revelation, just like any other book of the Bible, is fully inspired by the Holy Spirit and as such has very important and godly (not scary) messages to pass to Saints, who will allow the Holy Spirit interpret and grant them understanding. An important step to actually catching the revelation in this book is understanding who the intended audience is. 

This is so important because, if you don't know who the receiver of a message is supposed to be, you will not understand the message in the light from which the sender intends that the receiver understands. And this is the problem of many people with The Revelation. See vs1. The Revelation Of Jesus Christ which God gave Him, to show to His servants... See that? The Revelation is to be shown to Christ's servants.

So no matter how many times you read the book, until you choose to be a servant of Christ at heart, you will never catch the true revelation in the book. You'll only lack understanding. Christ intends to reveal certain things about Himself to His servants, through this book, and that's very important. Only those who are servants at heart can catch the revelation. Have you been the wrong audience? You can change that today, and join us tomorrow to find out who a servant is. You're blessed.

To make Jesus the Lord of your life, say this prayer. Lord Jesus, I believe with all my heart that you are the Son of God who resurrected from the dead for my sake. I confess with my mouth that you are the Lord of my life. I receive eternal life today. Thank you for I'm born again! Glory to God! Contact us! -TCF

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