One day I was in Dubai and I was hungry, so I went to the restaurant of the hotel where I lodged. The menu brought to me was written in Indian letters so I made a pick at random. And the Waiter brought the food, a strange food. It was colorful, green in color, so I thought it would bless my soul and when I tried it out it was tasteless. I spat it out and said what is this thing? And the Waiter said that this food is good for your health and I said I am not sick and what I want is food. 

Well, we had communication problem, he started speaking in Indian and I left the dining table and when I got into my room, Jesus was waiting for me. He really wanted me not to eat because I later discovered that on that menu there was a delicacy but He closed my eyes so that I will not see the delicacy because it was not time to eat. 

Jesus walked through my room and He said to me: the Youth, the Youth, He said that four times.  He said use your power of sight to deliver them from distraction and I will open the gates of Nations to you. It was like nine seconds and those nine seconds shaped my life for 18 years. Eighteen years of my life was shaped by an encounter. 

What is shaping your own life? The things you are doing now, why are you doing them? 

I hopped from campus to campus, north, south, east and west for 18 years. My budget on flights was 1.8 million per year because on campus they don't have the money to pay for my flight, I paid and I wasn't doing prophet offering because it was the command of Jesus. 

I want to preach in many places. They abused me all kinds of stuff but I was not angry. You know why? Jesus sent me, it was a command from Jesus. 

One day, I went to FUTO (Federal University of Owerri), Owerri.  All the people in JCCF (Joint Christian Campus Fellowship) refused my coming to FUTO, so it was at the expense of one brother that I went to Owerri. The first night the Holy Ghost moved like a fire and people gave so much money. I was in the hotel room that night when they were in the lobby talking about how to share the money. I went there with my flight ticket and left with my flight ticket. The people that were fighting the brother that put up the meeting later came to talk about the disbursement of the money. I saw all kinds of things, I saw a generation rising for 18 years.

Later on, Jesus came back and told me that the Youth mandate He gave me 18 years ago has expired and I should prepare for the nations. 

Jesus knew about the abuse, but he knew that I was willing to serve him and to even serve wicked men because of him. 

 I was funding my air travels from January to December in the days of Aero-contractors and at that time they had only one system. 

I was everywhere. I was like an invisible man that could disappear and appear and I was on God’s help. There was no motivation. Nobody came to thank me and say well done. I wasn't looking for commendation, applause, ovations. I just wanted to serve. 

January to December the anointing multiplies every year for many years now. I was born a stammerer but the power by which I speak now even when my mother heard me speak the last time, she asked me, are you the one? Are you the one? Because the Spirit has helped my infirmities. Most people are serving stuff, serving things and not serving Jesus. 

Abuse upon abuse but it is nothing to me, it was Jesus and it was Jesus.

In 2017, Jesus came and spoke to me again, giving me access to nations and in 2019, Jesus said I have come to set you free so that where I am there also will my servant be. And he was talking about my secular life that it was time for me to be set free because previously He has said: ‘I'm going to give you a job. You'll not go into full-time Ministry. You will sit on that job until you become a full-blown apostle then I'll send you to the nations of the world’. In the journey of my walk with God, I can tell you how seasons were opened, the administration behind it, the ministry of angel’s encounters, messages that came through. I can give you a chronicle of these encounters. 

Most of the time we are not consistent in our walk with God. This is why our life is shallow. If they said let's talk about God, what will you have to say?

As a believer if you desire encounters, then you must walk with God and genuinely serve him.

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