One thing is to be rendered an helping hand , another is to allow yourself to be helped.

One fateful Sunday during mid 2020, I and others including my siblings were returning from church service. 

It was a Scorching Sunday noon and from the way we were all sweating, nobody could have ever doubted this it.

It has been a long Sunday and everyone was practically tired.

It was the earliest period when the lockdown was declared partially free. So, we couldn't get any vehicle that will convey us to the main junction through the company route which we have taken.

Nevertheless, we decided to encouraged ourselves with some chats as we moved further. Then all of a sudden, I saw something which caught my attention and somehow draws my spirit to attention.

What did I saw?

I saw an old man holding two bags loaded with some loads which I guessed to be farm produces as he thronged along.

Immediately, there was this kind of empathetic feeling that overshadowed me and there was a prompting within my spirit to help him with the loads.

I hastened my footsteps in order to caught up with him as he was somehow distant away from us.

There was a great disapproval from my company " This World has become too dangerous than you think faith", "Do you even know what is inside the bags?","What are you trying to do?", "What if you are implicated?".

I never got an approval from my company but was the tired but willing to help me even waiting for their approval? Absolutely NO.

I walked swifter than before and eventually caught up with him. Bowing down slightly I greeted him "Good afternoon sir". 

He nodded without giving me any attention whatsoever. This should have discouraged me but I stood my ground.

" Please let me help you with these" I said pointing to the loads.

This time around, he looked at me with his tired face and replied *" No thank you daughter. These loads are heavier than you think"* he paused and continued

 "They are dirty and will stain your clothes".

"Don't worry about my clothes sir. I am willing to carry the loads for you" I said smiling

But he is not ready to give in. However, after much deliberation and persuasion he handed the loads over to me which I willingly carried including mine making three loads count.

My hands felt the heaviness of the load and the scorching Sun deal no less with me but I moved on.

As there has never been a Journey without a destination,of course we eventually got to the main junction. I immediately handed over the loads to him as he thanked me saying "God bless you daughter. May your helpers locate you".

"Don't mention sir. Thanks to God" I replied and we parted.

By then, I felt the intensity of what I did. My hands ache somehow but I was so glad within me. I made up my mind to ensure I caught up with those people that were in my company earlier as they have left me owing to the fact that the speed of my movement wasn't up to theirs when I offered to carry the loads.

After few steps forward, I heard within my spirit *"This is the nature of Jesus Christ".* 

At first I didn't understand but later I got to understand something very important from that short scenarios.


In the above story, I indirectly played the role of christ and the man the role of the world.

That inestimable lover seeing our challenges, problems and checking points have been willing to help us with the loads.

He already did on the cross of Calvary and ever since then he doesn't want to see anyone heavy ladened or distressed anymore.

He is already walking along with us, pleading with us to release those loads or our burdens upon him.

He has already asked us to cast all our cares upon him.

Despite the warnings and words of discouragement that have been said to his hearing not to assist a sinner like us,

Irrespective of the implications or dangers that might be birth if he help us, he still laid down himself a lamb to be slaughtered for our sake.

It doesn't matter to him if our loads of transgressions, mistakes  or errors will stain his stainless garment. All he wants was to see us free from the bondage of those loads and be relieved from the heaviness.

He become a sinner so that we can become sinless.

Just as said in Isaiah 53, he carried the load of our iniquities and bore our transgressions. 

A slave he was so that we can become Kings.

Unlike me who couldn't help the old man carried the loads to the final destination, Jesus is ready to walk with us to the very last bus stop.

He wore the garment called shame which was stained by our loads so that we can be in glory.

He has been calling "Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest". Are you ready to be helped?

He is there. Just right beside you to wipe away your tears. 

He is already become a beast of burden so that you can be free from heavy loads.

He is there just right beside you no matter the implication that might be backing up the attempts. He is right there beside you even when all men reject, despise and forsake you. Why don't you give him the chance to be your company?

When you fall, men discarded you. Nobody wants to associate with a die-hard criminal, Nobody wants to associate  with a man who fail but I know a man who is always ready to become the criminal so that you can be free from the chains of sins. 

He became a failure in front of mere men so that we can become a success.

 *Jesus Christ* is his name.

Cast all your loads of concern upon him.

Cast all your loads of regrets, pains, mistakes, addictions and any kind of trouble upon this Jesus.

What manner of love he has bestowed upon us that we might gain when he is pained.

He used his life an atonement. Once was the covenant of his blood greater than any other kind of sacrificial blood. 

Are you doubting his ability just as the old man did doubt if I can carry the two loads in addition to mine?

This Jesus I talked about is not a human and his abilities are way too powerful than mine. This tells you that if I can, how much more the help of the helpless.

Are you ready to be helped or are you still doubting your worth in Jesus?

He know no tribe, He is not an author of discrimination. He said "All ye that labour". 

You can't afford to allow these loads continue to weigh you down, allow Jesus be the carrier.

Lay them down now at the throne of grace, hand them over to Jesus and be free indeed.

When you have Jesus Christ you have it all.

Allow him.

Be intentional about this.

Thanks for taking the ride.

✍️ Faith Agi.


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