1) The fight against the Church will be in Threefold, but the truth is that it is in this period that God will magnify himself.

2) The competition in the Church will become so loud that it will be so obvious.

3) Another marriage wave will blow _you can pray anybody into being a part of this blessing

4) There will be a 40% increase of false doctrine in the Church system.. It is your duty to work with the Holy spirit

5) There will be restriction against holding services in Churches, but it is going to be for a while.

6) The spirit of death will hover around eastern campuses but the sincere people of God will be covered.

7) God will anoint babes with a fresh mindset for ministry to replace many youths who are beginning to have corrupt ministerial mindsets

8) A massive exposure of false prophets

9) Nigeria will have a war agitation or threat, during this period it is the duty of intercessors to latch into their offices.. Although it won't last. 

10) This decade A lot of genuine young ministers will rise, as the old ones fade off.

11) The Devil will rule over the mountain of Politics, but I see a strange hand write "Mene mene tekel uphasin" .. Many demonic Politicians will loose their lives

12) Pray against a worldwide natural disaster 

13) Pray for the World power..

14) A father of Christian faith will go to be with the Lord. Pray that Gods will be done.

15) Demonic technological advancements will be approved, it will take God, to help many.

16) 2021 is not rosy, it will take only men of *Discernment & The secret place* to strive.

By: Bro Peculiar Emmanuel.

Date: Friday, 1January 2021

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