One time in Kumasi, my father had a very big estate and my uncle converted the estate into an hotel, and this guy came in there who was an executioner and he was drunk and causing all kinds of problems, so my aunty said, why don't you get one of the taxis at the front and get this guy out of here, so I got a taxi and put him in the taxi and my aunty jumped at the back, I sat in the front and decided to just drop him at his house, and come back, whilst we were going, my aunty and him were talking at the back, I didn't pay attention and I didn't know they were talking about me and he was saying that let's take this one, and my aunty said that no we can't take this one, this is for Kojo Duncan (my father), I can't give you this one. 

We got to a T-junction, to branch right to where the shrine was, where the stools and things were kept in a place in Kumasi, and just before we branched, I heard "paaaaa...", the front tire had a puncture, so the driver came out to fix it, so I decided to come out to help him, as I was helping him to fix the tire, he said to me what is wrong with you? And I said what do you mean, he said you're the one they're talking about, I said what are they saying about me? Then the guy said if you go to that house, you're not coming back alive today, I said what are you talking about, this is my aunty, he said don't be fooled, I am from the stool house, this man is the executioner.  

He takes people to sacrifice them, I said it doesn't make sense, he said would you listen to me and stop your nonsense? So I said to my aunty I'm using the rest room, and I took off, picked a taxi, from a place called Tikiti and I went home, and my father was sitting down there and he said where did you go? So I told him what happened and he said you're a miracle, you were born to live. He's an executioner, you wouldn't have come back if you had gone in there.

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