WE MUST STRIKE A BALANCE!

For a table with for legs to be balance,all it four legs must be properly fixed together. We will discover that if any of the four legs is find missing or maybe faulty, the fall of the table is inevitable. 

We are like a table and to become stable in life we need to ensure that one part of our lives is not starve at the expense of making the best out of the others.

Therefore, to be balance in life we as the table must allow ourselves to be properly fixed in all the essential areas of our lives.

The most reason why many are yet to be different from that which they are in previous times is because they fail to pay attention to details they called as "Unnecessary or little".

That is why we must be very careful of the little foxes that spoil the vine.

If being Spiritual alone cannot set my life on the right path to being relevant then what must I do?

Being academically sound without involving God or perhaps neglecting other areas of your life is far too dangerous to be condone because sooner or later you will get to realise that he who desire to be relevant to humanity, to God and to himself need a striking balance in major aspects of his life.

Time management cannot be set aside from this subject of making a balance. it takes men that are time conscious to be balance and God did blessed men that are prompt and conscious with how they make use of that precious gift of nature to humanity.

Time without doubt has been the only gift of nature that is equally shared among all men. 

You can't tell me you have thirteen hours in half a day while others are having twelve hours in half a day. However, whatever you make out of the least of that time will definitely count sooner or later.

Spending it on chatting, loafing, loitering, talking, watching Tv, Partying, Idleness and the like crowd it out and render each day purposeless.

Also, spending it on only one aspect of your life poses more danger than one could imagine.

Therefore, there is a demand to identify those aspects of our lives and strike a balance so that we avoid great fall.



1. Spiritual aspect: The place of man putting God  first in all he do cannot be overstated. God Almighty should be rightfully seek and involved in all our doings.

Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all other things shall be added unto you" 

This is a reasurring verse of his word "all things" be it money, fame, joy, peace of mind and all other positive thing we could ever think of will be added to our lives but this is only when we "seek his kingdom first".

We should Involved God to evolved.

A professor in Engineering in his inaugural lecture testified to how his seeking God in his field had always been of help to him. 

Seeking requires that you are humble as you hunger, thirst for righteousness, 

Pray always,avoid ungoldly counsel,meditate on the word daily, obey his commandments and instructions from the holy spirit, follow peace with all men and express his kind of love.

Dear reader, what have you been laying up for yourself? Perhaps you have been laying up the treasure of degrees and houses up for yourself so much that you have forgotten that rust and moth can destroy them.

Many have been accumulating so much wealth upon wealth and yet they are not satisfied with it. They forget that God should be the first and foremost while the other things become the extra.

I don't know where you have been keeping your treasure but where your treasure is there your heart will be. Maybe your treasure has become that degree you have vowed to acquire at all cost or it has been the fame or honour you have been looking up to?

Where exactly have you kept your treasure?

Where your treasure is there your heart is?

If your treasure is only on how to amass wealth there your heart will be.

Remember, no one can serve two masters at a time. If God has been set at the lowest preference in your life then it is time you changed that intention?

How much have you contributed to the advancement of the Kingdom.

This is not to say that you should cultivate the holier than thou attitude but it is to bring you to the understanding that all life appointment must first be approved by God who must be set as the major part while the other aspects become the extra.

Perhaps you have been focusing more on other aspects of your life at the expense of your spiritual well-being.

Hope God won't say to you like he said to the rich man "Thou fool....."

Let us think deep about this.

 2.Physical aspect: Some people neglect this very area of their lives and when they are confronted they lay it on flimsy excuses such as "No money", "I am busy", "All is vanity", "I am already married or engaged and no one is looking at me" e.t.c.

You mustn't gather all the wealth in the whole world before you look good, eat good, exercise good and rest good. You can appear good with the little you have by building confidence in yourself.

That you are married or engaged doesn't gave you the licence to appear unwelcoming. In fact this is when you ought to appear and be at your best.

I know you have plans, projects and the rest that you ought to attend to. I understand that those kids are taking much out of your time but that shouldn't be a reason why you mustn't create time for your physical wellbeing. 

All is vanity right? I think this popular phrase was taken from the book of the preacher (Ecclesiastes). However, it will be very pleasant if we can all go back to that book and reread for better understanding. It is even worthy of note that the teacher affirmed on a particular part of the book that a man should enjoy his life while he lives but he didn't put that without adding that whatever a man so will be accounted for.

If you think all is vanity and then you neglect your well-being because of that then it is high time you change your mindset.

You ought to take proper care of your body by eating well, drinking responsibly, dressing decently and going to right places with your legs because this aspect has been established 

Give the best to your time and make use of opportunities promptly.

3. Social aspect: Be socially active,make friends,engaged in recreational activities and do partying but not ungoldly associates or counsels.

How well is your relationship with men?

The best of achievement in the life of a man does not come with what he possess. It comes with the lives he has touched positively. 

How much have you contribute to those lives around you?

Remember if the need be that you discard friends or associates that are parasitic in nature from your life, do that. Not everyone can be part of this Journey with you. Not everyone can be. But the best you can do is to ensure that you develop a valuable sense of belonging by contributing to lives with the best the Lord has adored you with.

Engage when you ought to engage and disassociate if the need arises.

The best of investment you could ever make is the one you make into a life.

This aspect of your life mus'nt be neglected.

4. Financial aspect: Do something for a living, No lazying around, Spend your money but wisely, be business oriented, make invesment .

Take risk but ensure you discern well so you don't take silly and unnecessary decisions.

Invest, Sow and Spend your money in the rightful manner and with the right mindset.

Find something legitimate doing, do not expect miracles that never happens. A man that does not sow does not reap.

Find something legitimate doing which will at least contribute through God's grace to your daily bread.

God is the provider, however God will not come down from heaven to put food on your table.

"Where and How do I start?" someone might be thinking.

Somewhere and with something legitimate.

It is high time you rised and start from somewhere and with something.

5. Academics/ informal aspect: Take a trade, Ask questions, Get prepared for test, exams and interview early, Be ready to gain from those who know more than you,humility count.

6. Mental aspect: This aspect requires that you connect your heart and brain to the right things. As a man thinketh so he is. Therefore, if you are to be mentally sound, you must disengage from things and people that will bring you mental retardation. Disconnect from every form of parasitic relationships. Attached your heart to things that will not be detrimental to your life and wellbeing.

Think right, believe right and be right

God requires you to serve him but he also requires you to do exploits in other aspects too. You are expected to be academically committed but this is not a ticket to neglecting other areas. 

The summary of it all is that all areas must be balance so as to avoid a disastrous fall or faulty outcome.

May the Almighty strengthen you for this. Amen.

I really appreciate you for engaging.

I love you, Christ love you endlessly.


©️Faith Agi

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