Bread of deceit is not meant to be eaten because it afterwards turns into gravel in the mouth of he who eats it.

Today, I decided to look around my vicinity and to my surprised, majority of the inhabitants were youths and Young adults.
This wasn't even what got me and why this post is very much needed to be posted.
What got me is that which have been trending for a while now. You look to left and then to your right you see it. It has become so popular and it is so disheartening that many have seen and accepted it as a normal way of life.

Why would a young lady who is not yet married cohabit with a young man or a man who is married?
Some may say "It is love". 

But Wait! Is it really Love for a young lady whose bride price is yet to be paid and for a young man who never felt it necessary to do the needful things that need to be done live together?
Some called it Love but I called it Foolishness.

It is Foolishness when you abandoned your destiny, Purpose and Future all in the name of pleasing a man.

It is stupidity when you decide to turn deaf ears to necessary counsels or advices just because of that young man whom you felt lust for all in the name of love.

It is unwelcoming when you forfeit your exams or projects just because you wants to make someone who isn't even connected to your destiny happy.

It is very bad when you listen to the voice of that lust within you asking you to steal and  commit other mischievous acts because you claim to love that man.

As if the above weren't enough some ladies now see themselves as so worthless and too cheap that marriage procedures aren't necessary to be taken anymore and all they could do is to go and live with danger in disguise.
It is very much dangerous when you felt the best thing to do is to cohabit with a guy and then you thought "Afterall he will still pay my bride price later". What a disaster!
You have even joined the trend of "Let me eat and go".
Most ladies are doing all this forgetting that it is never supported in the word.

What has become of this generation! That I wouldn' know.
Gone are the days where sexual temptations, immorality and perversions are not rampant like it is now. 

He has turned you to sex machine, using you to satisfy his lustful desires and you still have the boldness to call it "Love".
He even beat you and you declare "I love him! When we get married he would change".

Oh! how great a number of souls have fell victim of Lust in disguise of love.
The deception thrills keep coming regularly upon the daughters and Sons of Men.

It is Foolishness when you decided to accommodate her even when you know fully that is it not welcoming.
It is Foolishness when you turned your back against your purpose just because of that lady.
You prefer to squander your hard earned money just to ensure that you sleep with those beings on skirt.
If Samson had known! If Samson had known that the temptation hanging around him was targeted at his purpose, he would have simply flee.
You have even decided to play with as many as possible just to ensure you do the trend "Break their hearts".
You knew you carry Fire but not now when you are with her.

You need to know that there are still Delilah (s) seeking for destinies to kill and destroy.

All you have gotten to discuss is how you can quickly get her on your bed.
Your spirit was very much alive but not anymore and you are so comfortable doing nothing about it?

No matter what the case may be, you aren't expected to live together all in the name of Love which in actual sense is Lust. Wait till you are legally married. Love wait but lust wouldn't.

Do not allow her around you if all that keeps coming to your mind is how to get her to bed.Put her away with wisdom. Wisdom is much profitable to direct. Simply Flee!

You don't need to prove any love before anyone knows you truly loves him/her.
Love that must be proven through Kissing, Romancing, Caressing, and so on is not Love but Lust.
Yes, all these are parts of what makes relationship but they shouldn't be allowed until after marriage.

Do not elope with him/her no matter how much you think you love him/her because you may soon afterwards realise that it has been nothing but lust all this while.

As a lady it is very immature and places you on the scale of those who don't know their worth when you packed into the house of a man who haven't paid your bride price and who haven't carried out the necessary things needed to be done. It is a dishonour to yourself and dishonour to your parents.

When you are not ready for it, you mustn't taste or try to feel it. For it is danger in disguise.
The consequences of doing those things ranges from unwanted pregnancy which leads to murder through abortion, Broken or Shaky homes, poor relationship with God, Reduction of Spirit Fervour, Costly mistakes and the Likes.
They are all bread of deceit which mus'nt be tasted.

We all have make mistakes at one time or the other.
You might have fell into one or two of the categories listed above.
You need to understand that you can still make amendments.
"I am no more a virgin" you might declare.
But it is not necessary because the deed has been done and what you should know is that you are accepted into the throne of Abba once you decided to do away with your past and aligned your life with that which is written in his word.
"I am very filthy" you might said but he promised to wash even the most darkest part of mistakes or deeds clean, making the life becomes new and bright as snow.
You have decided many times not to have sex again but you keep falling into it despite your decisions. Now, Simply ask for his mercy because only God's mercy looks not at the frame of man but ushers in his grace upon men.

His grace will be sufficient for you to stand by your decision.

Now that you know, sexual purity pays.
You can do it to enjoy the benefits therefore.
You are bought with a price, do not mistook it for cheap prices of the world.
I Love you, Jesus Loves you endlessly.

#Virtues Radiant#
©️ Faith Agi.

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