Anyone who makes effort to seek God will surely find him. This is very certain.

One of the greatest mistake many believers do make is coming to God's presence as though they are coming to the presence of men.

We must understand that God is the creator of all things. Therefore, all things are made possible through him and by him. 

However, it is not just all about knowing that which God can do. It demands that you are intentional about that which you are bringing to him. 

Before you start shedding tears, you are to build a high level of certainty on the limitless possibilities which God can offer and you must also understand that God cannot be moved by emotionally driven tears.

To get that which you seek, it requires that you travail in God's presence just like a woman in labour would.

Then what are the secrets behind crying out to God?

See below;

1. Crying out to God is not embodied and should not be embodied on mere emotionally expression. It is an intentional process.

2. Crying out to God is not a show of attitude. It is a situation which must be initiate to point directly at the solution to your need(s).

3. Crying out to God is far from murmuring,  grumbling and does not calls for the sympathy of men. It requires that you go straight to the point so that you can gain the attention of the compassionate God.

4. The widow in 2nd King 4:1-7 cried out to God through Prophet Elisha and she did receive divine attention and intervention. This tells you that when a man cried out to God he will definitely receive divine intervention.

5. Men that cried out to God are men that seek mercy first. 

Mercy First!

The place of mercy when it comes to seeking or consulting God cannot be overemphasize.

Mercy looks beyond the frame of man's mind and deed and ushers in God's grace.

In Luke 18:38 Blind Bartimaeus cried out to Jesus asking for mercy before tendering his request.

In Matthew 20:30 two blind men also did the same.

In Matthew 15:22 the Syrophoenician woman also cried out for mercy first.

Many others in the Bible cried out putting mercy first.

This simply means that crying out to God is not to portray how righteous you are but it is to obtain his mercy.

6. If it is to be by man's deed that God reward, let us just imagine the number of men that will be displaced from receiving from him.

Therefore, crying out to God simply means surrendering yourself totally to his move and power irrespective of who you are.

7. Men that cried out to God are men that look beyond their past and ensure that all oppositions are confronted. 

Blind Bartimaeus would have been stopped from receiving his sight if he gave in to the words of men. 

When you are to cry out to God, you must let go off any form of thinking or environment that will want to stand as an obstacle.

8. People that cried out to God surely receive one question from God and what is that question?

"What do you want me to do for you?"

In 2 King chapter 4 the widow received this question from the servant of God.

The two blind men in Matthew 20 also receive this question from Jesus.

Some other biblical characters also did receive this question.

9. After the question comes the reply and this is where you must be very intentional and careful so as not to give the wrong answer to the right question.

Crying out to God will surely bring you to this stage. However, you must be very careful not to ask amiss. 

 10. Men that cried out to God surely get their request, petitions and desires granted. Although you might not receive it when you think you should. 

God understand this in his sovereignty and he knows when it is blessed to answer you according to his glory. 

Before crying out to God, Faith is required.

During your crying out to God, Persistent is required just as seen in the story of the widow and the wicked judge.

After crying out to God Gratitude is required.

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©️ Faith Agi.

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