Learn to wait on God

Psalm 37:34

Wait on the LORD, And keep His way, And He shall exalt you to inherit the land; When the wicked are cut off, you shall see it. Nkjv.

Many times, people are in a hurry to do things their own way, or to force things to happen. Many times, people are pressured by difficult circumstances in life, or by the success of others, and so they try to move ahead of God's plans or move without God. This is not right. We should not let anything pressure us or compel us to compromise God's place. 

We must understand that patience is a fruit of the Spirit we can't do without, and it's the basis of waiting on God. Some people think that waiting on God is just to pray about a thing and then act on it, but no. Waiting is not just praying. Waiting means to patiently and contently follow God, through the path He leads you in. 

Even when it seems others are accelerating faster than you, or even when it seems things aren't moving quickly. Waiting on God is a part of our daily walk with Him, even on very important issues. If He's not leading us in a way yet, we mustn't go that way. It's beyond just praying and acting. 

It is to consciously and patiently follow God, as He leads, while keeping His ways. It's not a one time or a time to time activity. No! It's a continuous walk with God. Our lives should be lived in waiting on God. That's the only way to walk in His steps. Don't be slow, but ensure that the leadings you follow are that of the Spirit, and the Spirit alone. So even if He takes you slowly or speeds you up remain in His promptings and leadings. Wait on Him. -TCF

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