There were sicker people, but I was the sickest my mum gave birth to. At home playing, all of a sudden convulsion has started; the black of the eye would roll inside, and the white is all that she will see. She'll come back home and meet this child with febrile convulsion.

 When she was pregnant with this pregnancy 6 weeks, she had bleeding that threatened the pregnancy, the pregnancy could not come down. At nine months, I am child number 5, at nine months she went to deliver, the midwife and others said, "you're not in labor. All these women every small thing, they will say they're in labor". My mother said this is pregnancy number 5, I have delivered 4 times and this is the 5th one, I don't know labor again? She said ok, no problem, she vexed, went back home, I'm not going back there again. 

She delivered this guy at home, in the bare floor at home in the compound. Nobody, no midwife, she delivered the child on the ground at home, delivered the placenta herself, cut the cord before others came. This same correct person standing in front of you, born at home, at the risk of tetanus, the risk of meningitis, the risk of bronchial pneumonia, the risk of dypteria, ohhhhh, septicemia! At home on the ground. Look at your neighbor, say the fight started since, but because....hei. 

Is there anybody like that here that is been encouraged tonight, I am here to announce to you, in your life, that devil has failed! Say that amen like a believer! Shout the loudest amen!

When my mother came here one of the days, she sat in the Healing and deliverance service, she watched all manner of signs and wonders, she looked at me and said no wonder the devil hated you so much. She said no wonder, he knew you were going to deal with him so terribly, so he wanted to stop you, she said no wonder! I understand now.

Later you will understand, there are things that God will use you to do, that will make you to understand why the devil has been trying to stop you. But I am here to say to you, you are unstoppable!

Shout the loudest amen!

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