What we were not told was that we needed prayer and fasting more than safety boots.

We were trained in the oil industry by Thomas Houston, man from Texas, full of Knowledge, full of understanding and he brought a document, a very bogus document that we read and we crammed it to regulate the downstream of sub sector of the oil industry, when we got to the field, we found out we didn't need the manual, because in the foundation, on most of the installations we have in the oil industry, are sacrifices, (chuckles) we actually needed training on how to deal with spirit and devils. That was the real training we needed. We went there with full brain on tariff and logistics and entered into the place and saw darkness. 

I remember I was regulating a particular facility, when one friend I had, we used to pray together, called me by 2:00am and said they just buried . they're burying one fresh creature, they don't know if it's a human being, they just broke the cement and buried it, before we came to work in the morning,  we thought we were going to meet things that we would use our knowledge of engineering to solve, we met demons. You are not equipped if you don't know how to expel demons. I'm saying you're not equipped even for what you're training to become in the Nigeria of today, in the world of today. If certificate is all you're going to have after this journey, ahhhhhh you're naked! Because in my own opinion, the most intellectual sector, is the oil sector, you can't operate there without power, not just school knowledge. 

There is specialized knowledge that you're going to acquire as you advance. To move this thing from here to here, we have what is called a practice and procedure manual. There is a way they do it. So you will think it's a place for enlightened people, for professionals, for engineers, rig workers, we met ezemuos there. 

Well let me not bother you, after working for 6 months, my colleague was paralyzed in the right hand, this hand was dead. So we needed to start engaging the environment like a crusade, so we will fast and come by 5am and begin to anoint the place and begin to take posession and prophecy on the place and shut down anything that was raised.

We were trained to wear overall and safety boots, with life jackets, and all kinds of equipments to do our business, we found out that what we were not told was that we needed fasting and prayer more,  than safety boots. You will not understand.

We were offshore and somebody broke bottle to kill us offshore, and the Holy Ghost whispered and said go and tap his right hand, that's where his charm was. He said tap the hand, tap it now, tap it! tap it!!! And when I tapped the hand, the guy started crying and he fell down. That was how our lives was spared that night.


If you have not trained yourself to hear Him! Many times the difference between life and death is just a signal from the Spirit. We would have died and I don't need to tell you the stories of Jobs that other colleagues rejected, they said Pastor, you are the only one we can send ohh. 

They sent me into death not once, not twice. I came back with the Holy Ghost. I'm saying that your engineering, you will need power to survive on the field. Not crusade oh, your job, you will need power. In the name of Jesus! Amen.

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