Pastor David Ibiyeomie 
“I have done everything” – There is still one thing to do.
It is not about binding and casting.

WHAT TO DO TO GET MARRIED IN 6 MONTHS (and it could be less)
Samson Michael
Salvation Ministries (Home of Success), 6th Service

1. Receive the Word: God’s word is infallible (Isaiah 34:16). In God’s Kingdom, there is a man for every woman. In the world, they can say, “women are more than men in population” but when it comes to God’s Kingdom, for every woman, there is a man and you will get married in less than 6 months in Jesus mighty name. 
God’s Word has capacity to produce but it must be received in faith (Hebrews 4:2). You must believe the Word, the Word you don’t believe cannot work for you. 
Your wife is a good thing. When you find a wife, you enter into favour. In the world, you struggle to marry; in the Kingdom, you marry by favour (Proverbs 18:22)
Young men: Money is the last thing you think of when it comes to marriage…stop being afraid. The first thing is to find the woman. Once you find the woman, you have entered into the atmosphere for favour. 

2. Prepare yourself (2 Chronicles 27:6). 
A. Study (Mathew 19:4). Marriage is the oldest institution today, it started even before the Church. In every institution of learning, you keep acquiring knowledge to move from one level to the other, you keep writing exams but how come when it comes to marriage, most people want to go into marriage without acquiring knowledge? 
You have to acquire knowledge by reading God’s Word and other Christian literature.
“What are the expectations of a man from a woman?”
“What are the expectations of a woman from her husband?”
You need to acquire knowledge to make yourself fit (Daniel 9:2)

B. Separate yourself (2 Corinthians 6:14-18). Come out of every ungodly relationship, you can’t have a boyfriend/ girlfriend by your side and you are expecting God to give you a husband or a wife. You have to let go of what is ungodly. 
Some sisters will say, “let me get the husband first and I will let go.” NO, you have to let go for God to visit you.

C. Be Mr Right (if you are a brother); Be Sister Right (if you are a sister).
Don’t look for Mr Right or Sister Right: Be the right person. Don’t look for the right person, be the right person (Proverbs 27:19). 
You’ll discover that you will attract the same kind of person after you’ve built yourself up.
Whatever you want to see in your life partner, become it first, then that person will be attracted to you.
You have to be the right person first and the right person will locate you (Amos 3:3).

3. Renew your mind and embrace change (Romans 12:2).
Some matured people have attitude problems.
Some people nag a lot (Proverbs 21:9)
Some people don’t take corrections. Some people are stubborn to a fault. 
Some brothers have ‘waka-ed’ (they have moved everywhere; they are now confused). Go to God’s Word and renew your mind.
Some ladies hang around sugar daddies that they don’t know how to relate with young men within their age brackets. 
Some have unrealistic and frivolous expectations: you are waiting for a man that has a car, how many cars did your father buy? While some men are looking for a woman that works in a bank. 
While others are religious, like the prodigal’s son elder brother: doing everything that is right without understanding. Doing everything right but no expectation.

Every promise of God is accessible by faith (Galatians 3:14).
You have to engage your faith to receive the promise of God.

4. Sensitivity and Wisdom (Habakkuk 2:1)
Some people have missed marriage opportunities because they were not sensitive. They will pray for the right person, the right person will come but because they lack sensitivity, they miss it.
Some lack wisdom: one sister missed it because her father demanded for a MAC trailer as bride price and she insisted, ”if he loves me, he will do it.” The man is married, she is still single. 

5. Sacrificial Giving: A tearful or precious seed laid on the altar of God or given to your prophet for a definite turnaround (Genesis 22:10-14). Sacrifice opens your eyes and brings it.

6. Call forth your desire by faith (Romans 4:17b, Ephesians 5:1).
Sacrifice, sow seeds of favour and call forth your miracle job. Faith is now, faith is not tomorrow. 
If you are a Sister, you want the man to come now, he can come now, even after this service in Jesus mighty name (Genesis 2:24). Wherever the man is, call him forth now and he will look for you in Jesus mighty name. On your way home, he will locate you in Jesus mighty name. 
It doesn’t mean anybody that comes, you’ll just accept: No! You have to know the person well enough before you say I do.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie
Everybody should get Sam’s tape because the way he taught it, it’s easy for you to know where you missed it and re-package yourself, that is, if you want to get married. There is no way one of those things somehow is not missing…Jesus said, “there is still one thing needful” and if you look at the 6 points he gave, there is just one thing, maybe when that one thing is put together, every other thing will fall in line.
Yes, you are very dedicated in Church, you are everything, maybe just that one thing: ‘You are very stingy that to give is a problem’. There are some people who are so stingy that when you come near them, the stinginess will scare you. 
There are people like that: they are sold out to God, they come for evangelism, but ‘Touch Not Thy Pocket and Do Their Money No Harm’, when it comes to money: No, No. Both male and female, not only on one side: there are women who don’t give and there are men who don’t give. It will put anybody off hearing the kind of things we teach here: by the time you are not giving with all these teachings, what if you came from a background where they don’t teach giving. 
Look at your life, where did you miss it: Lord with what I have heard, I receive grace to put them to practice. It’s not something of binding and casting; it is something of looking at the right one and fix it, “Lord, I put this in place” and between the next few months…the one I love so much is:

• Make yourself right: Most times we are looking for Mr Right, Miss Right; but make yourself right because that person will just be attracted to you. 
Don’t think of who to meet, think of meeting that standard for the person to look for you.

Prayer: “Lord, what is it that I need to do, to put myself in line.”

I pray for every youth that has come, between now and the next few months, may your life turn.

*Those who desire to marry, the delay is over!

* As a father, I stand to speak over your lives and I declare in the name of Jesus, no matter the mistakes you have made in the past: NOW, BE FOUND.

* Let God Himself, wipe away your errors, make you to be accepted by all (Deuteronomy 33:24). I decree be accepted in the name of Jesus. 

* Where you were rejected in the past, they will accept you right now.

* To every young person whether in business, career: I declare you blessed. Ending this meeting with God is an indication you will end this year well. Wherever you are in any part of the world, you will end this year well. 

* You have come where others could not come, even when other believers are running after such, anywhere you go, you will be considered first. 

* Because you came for this last meeting, not minding how many hours you have spent in God’s presence, everything that concerns you in the name of Jesus, when it comes to you, you will be considered first. If it is a job, if it is contract, if it is marriage: even if the person is confused, you will be the first to be chosen.

* I pray the grace of ‘First’ to be on you. It shall be a gift to end the year: Be considered first in the name of Jesus.
In your office, as you are appearing tomorrow, whatever blessing is in that office, they will give it to you First.
That’s how it will be in Jesus mighty name.


Source: Church gist 


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