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 Topic: Right Choice in Marriage

For reading and meditation: 1st King 11:1-4

Thought: Marriage is a lifetime committed which requires a long-term commitment to  attain lasting commendations.

 Memorise: 2nd  Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

The choice of life partner is one of the most important choices in the life of a man. The man or woman you decided to yoke with will either determine your promotion or your demotion in life.

It is not all about "He is a Christian". It is not all about "She can pray". The truth is that a person can appear to be all these and yet to God be an unbeliever. Spirituality does not guarantee you a successful home. Though it is part of the ingredients but it does not totally guarantee a firm home.

Beauty is good but character is also very much important.

Can you see the reason why we must be very careful in choosing a life partner?

Signing into a lifetime contract to live with someone brought up by different parents, raised in different environment and exposed to different things other than the ones you are exposed to is not a child play.  It requires a whole lot of understanding and divine direction.

In our text, Solomon did not want to forget God who has done so much for him, but his marriage made him err. Marriage will either make or mar you. Even your relationship with God can either be strengthen or weaken through the choice of partner.

About a month ago,a  Colleague from school reach out to me one day and he dropped a question for me. The question read thus "Ma what are the things needed to enter into marriage?". At first when I saw the question, within me I was like "I am not even married neither am I a relationship counselor now!!. However, i believe in the power of the holy Spirit to help me find the right words to suit his need which was the reply and to God's glory I replied him and here is the summary of the reply I gave "Before I go into marriage the first question I should ask myself is that am I really mature for this?

Maturity is an all round ingredient needed to go into marriage. Marriage is different from wedding .

Wedding is just a ceremony that takes place within hours, you prepared, everywhere shinning and the rest. Eating merrying among others but 


A lifetime journey that requires a whole lot of sacrifice through love and giving" That was how I found myself giving a long talk about maturity before marriage to the Glory of God.

There must be maturity physically, Spiritually, Emotionally and Financially. One thing to note here is that you must strike a balance among those aspects so as to enjoy the reward backing up the growth.

Marriage is worth more than just going for his wealth. For nature is dynamic and if something happens to that wealth will you still stand by him?

Marriage is that two of you should increase when you are together. It is that you are able to chase tens of thousands when you both are yoked together through the power  of love and unity.

Finding a right partner involves that you also set yourself right. Do not choose by sight, having a relevant knowledge and God's guidance are keys to making the best choice.

One thing is to choose a right partner another thing is right appoach to courtship. A wrong appoach to courtship can  have a negative impact even on the right choice. It should be with sincere gestures and for it to be purely Christian nature, Hebrew 13:4 should be our watchword. So if you are in a courtship that is almost getting you suffocated with sinful demands from your partner, you need to have a rethink and go into fresh prayer. You may have made a mistake in the first place.

Although it may not be the time to walk down the aisle but of truth this is the time to train yourself into a full grown husband and wife to be in time to come. It is time to start praying for that life partner.

My boss once told me few years ago when I was much younger she said "Faith it is time to start praying for your life partner. Pray for his success, pray for his safety. For I didn't know this until when I thought I am matured enough to get marry. So dear start now" 

Though I didn't take those words seriously then as I was in my early teenage then but as I grew older the power of those words keep re-echoing into my hears.  

It is time to start praying for that marriage now. Don't wait until you get married.


Assignment: Take a Jotter and write down three benefits of making the right choice.

Finally, make it a point of duty today to include marriage in your prayers. It is part of your life.

Prayer point: Dear counselor I tabled before you today my marriage. Help me to work out everything to your glory in the name of Jesus.

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