Who is this person beneath the charm?

Is the inner she as great as the outer she?

Is his personality as welcoming as his position?

How do you think a person would feel if he bought a product whose description and packaging was so much catching, attracting and tempting but later got to discover that the product is more than low in content  compared to the manufacturers description?

Disappointment?, anger? or distrust towards the sellers and the manufacturers?

Yes! One of the above would definitely be the reaction of the buyer.

This is how he feels when he discovered that his partner have only been hiding her personality under  a prayerful life, church life, intelligence, beauty and outward charm all the while.

As the buyer feels, that will be the reaction of that lady when she discovered you are only Imposting, posing ansomeness in disguise of cruelity, posing a classic life in disguise of a moderate life, posing a very caring man in disguise of not that caring. Disappointment!!! Yes disappointment will be the outcome.

Oftentimes, One of the greatest level of betrayal comes  from a person who is look up to but is allowing fake lifestyle to gradually cause damage to his/her relationship with those that are looking up to him/her.

Lack of Self exposure from one or all the individuals in a relationship will eventually lead to a broken relationship or marriage if not tackle as early as possible.

Brother, why allow desire for acceptance push you into becoming Annanias of our time?

Why not say things the way they are! rather than framing up bundles of words to make her fit into your desires.

Why go to neighbors house to be taking snapshot and claiming you live in a bungalow?

How can you be in a college of education and be claiming to be in the University.

Be you! Not everyone can accept you but someone special who is ready to be your helpmeet in the areas of your weaknesses will.

Sister, why allow desire for acceptance push you into becoming Sapphira of our time.

You allow your outward appearance to outweigh your inner content, you come up with attitudes which you don't possess,you begin to live the life of another person just because you want to win him over. 

It is worthy of note that your true character can not be hidden all days long. One day, it will be automatically exposed and if that happens what will become of the trust you have build before you signed in into the lifetime contract?

Oftentimes, what lead to this problem is that many young males and females want or desire 100% qualities they needed in a life partner which is not possible.

The most amazing part of this is that greater percentage of those that look up to getting 100% qualities they require in their partner do not even possess up to half the qualities or may not even possess the qualities at all. They completely forget the unique rule "You can only attract that which you possess"

Fascinating right?

Often than not, what many should see as the reason why they come into someone's life have become the reason why they are opting out.

Yes he is a minister of God with much annointing on the pulpit but do not be deceived he or she is a human being with some weaknesses.

She is a teacher not the creator. She can also make mistakes.

Oftentimes he/she can be tired from stress. He is a human like you.

Although the higher the position the higher the expectation but the fact that they are still manifested in flesh should'nt be completely obliterated. 

I have countlessly heard words like "And he is a pastor oooo", "He is rich ooo", "She is a choir mistress ooo". She is this, he is that.

Who told you a pastor should always be the one to check up on you?

Who told you they don't have their own personal challenges they are facing?

Who told you that being a choir mistress automatically makes someone become faultless?

Who told you because he/she is rich money can solve all problems?

I know many will want to defend the above by saying "But God wants us to be perfect as he is perfect".

Yes no doubt men can work towards perfection in relationships/marriages and life generally but this kind can't come forth except through mutual agreement between those involve through love, understanding, sacrifice and forgiveness.

Another thing to note is that the human nature will still hold and that is why God will always be true and Men will be liers. That is why his ways will not be the ways of men.

He is the creator, we are the created.

Moreover if God know Adam is perfect to do all things on his own there won't be a need to create for him a helpmeet.

If God need Adam to be a companion to himself there won't be a need for Eve.

As a matter of fact a man wouldn't need help if his strength didn't fail him. This is to tell you that you are in the life of that person so you can assist, build or correct him/her in areas of weaknesses or areas where the strength is failing.

To every single reading this, before you signed into the lifetime contract with that person beneath the charm know ye that;

You are there to help him/her chase more than the thousand that are being chase before. You are not there to make his/her case complicated by reducing the numbers that have been chased earlier.

You are there to make him/her richer not to become a leech to him/her.

You are to look beyond the outward charm so that you don't later discover an inner demon by the time it might have been too late.

You are to allow the Spirit of God and Wisdom to direct you to look out for impostors that are ready to take you into a lifetime pain.

You are to add extra Oil to that sexual purity of yours before you dive into marriage. 

From the story of the ten Virgins which was narrated by Jesus Christ, it was obvious that they were all virgins, they are all waiting for the coming of the bridegroom, they all have their lamp, they all slept while the bridegroom tarried but what separate the foolish from the wise was the "Extra Oil", What separate those that enter into the marriage hall from those that do not was the extra Oil.

Beneath the outside beauty, beneath the popularity, fame, intelligence there should be an extra Oil. As you strive to protect your dignity till that wedding night do not forget to add to it extra Oil of Maturity, Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Patience, Love, Character, Sacrifice & Forgiveness.

Virginity ends after the wedding but what keeps the marriage through the tides as you journey through is the Extra Oil.

Finally, if the veil is removed, will your inner you contradicts the outer you? or will it attracts the outer you?

The best thing to do is to be you!. Do not try to change for someone and do not try to change someone because of your own personal desire.

"I will change him" please you are not the holy Spirit and can't do his work.

You can't redeem him/her that is the work of Jesus Christ.

Open up your weaknesses, avoid any form of concealment during courtship and even your general relationship with those around you because it will eventually become a big trouble to tackle with when those weaknesses start springing forth after the contract of marriage or friendship is signed!.

It will be too bad if he/she discover you have been playing another person's part all the while.

It will be devastating if he/she discover you have been living a fake life to win him/her over.

Do not walk or work outside the capacity the Lord has given to you just because you want to please someone.

Try your best in the ability the Lord has given to you and live the rest to God to handle.

If the relationship is becoming parasitic in nature. Ask God for direction, confirm and walk away because he is definitely not an author of confusion and will never signed you up for a parasitic lifetime journey.

Learning to separate offices or position of a partner from his/her personal lifestyle through divine guidance of the holy Spirit will go a long way to solving the problem of seeing him/her as all knowing, all strong and all capable.

Beneath the Charm, Beauty, Fame, Position or Class lies some personal weaknesses.

They are not to be hidden or avoided like plague rather they are to be dealt seriously with, they are to be faced with love and understanding, they are to be confronted courageously.

To enjoy a long lasting relationship with  someone who will truly accept you,you are not to avoid your areas of vulnerabilities because doing that makes defeat inevitable. Do not conceal them beneath the Charm, expose them and face them squarely.

Always stand for the truth.

If you win her over with deceits, you can't keep her with deceits.

A lie covered up for years will be eventually exposed be wise!

#Healthy exposure foster healthy association#


✍️Faith Agi.

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