💮 LETTER TO MY SINGLE LADIES. (Generally to whom this may be concerned).

To the Esther's, Deborah's and Anna's generation of this era.

To the Kathryn Kulmans of this generation of ours.

It has been so saddened how many of us do pay attention to some things and neglect the others which we term maybe as not too serious to give attention to.

It is of great bitterness to the souls of those that have care to notice or are aware of this great issue I am bringing to the table of fellow single ladies today.

It has become a burden laid  within my heart and until I pour it out, for I fear, it will continue to be but a torture me.


What type of fragrance do you put on?

A music minister in person of Min. Dunsin Oyekan Sang a very powerful Song which without doubt has brought liberation into the souls of many.  

Part of the song reads thus:

"First it was fragrance, then it turns to fire, my worship is my weapon, this is how I win my battle"..

Kai......How I wish many could see the mystery behind worship as a weapon in this song.

But wait.... Before I digress, that is not where I am going oooo.

Deborah(s) of our time that is not where Faith is going.

From that song, Worship is a weapon which rises gradually as fragrance and then finally set into fire.

Setting into fire means the inestimable sacrifice of worship has been accepted by God himself who is the fire.

The worship undergoes a kind of indescribable transfiguration. There is a kind of Metamorphosis that happens to that worship especially when it is coming from a true worshipper and when it is back up in spirit.

Kai.... Holy Spirit help me not to divert this which I bring into another angle at all.


Yes this which I bring is also related to that fragrance of worship which is describe above.

We term it as mere fragrance. Alas! it has made many to fall a victim of sexual immorality.

We term it as fashion but unknowing to us it has caused many to commit sexual immorality within their heart.

It saddens my heart how so many of us focus on dressing decently while we neglect this fragrance that can set many on fire, set loose the spirit of dog into many and caused many souls to be weakened.

It saddens my heart how so many neglect this which have been causing many to sin unconsciously while many innocent hearts are drawn into the pit of lust.

This fragrance I talked about is not the fragrance of your worship neither is it the 

the fragrance of your prayer or fasting.

Please do not get me wrong ooo. I am not saying the above fragrances of prayer, fasting and worship are not important ooo. 

In fact these are the most powerful weapon of warfare which will help us win every battles we might be facing during the journey of singlehood and even after we are out of the single phase.

So this is not to say the fragrances of worship and the likes are not important but Aunty pay attention to this fragrance that is discussed on this page. Pay full attention oooo!!!

Moreover, by the time you must have finish going through this page, you will realize that perhaps you have contributed to this destructive fire I am talking about. 

Many of us will discover that we have made men to commit fornication either directly with an opposite sex or indirectly by painting or framing it within their heart. 

Note: This is not because of indecent dressing or tempting appearance. No!! not because we seduce them with looks or sweet words but because many of us ignorantly wear this fragrance probably to make us appear welcoming.

This fragrance I talked about is a man-made fragrance. Yes the fragrance I talked about is the one from our body spray, deodorant &. perfumes.


Now let me illustrate this for better understanding.

Sometimes last year, I visited home from  school and within few days I was already preparing to go back to school. So, this day my kid Sister and I were coming back from an occasion when I decided that we dropped by at a store and get some things.

When we got to the shop, I actually didn't knew what came over me because I as a person don't have the desires for body sprays or perfumes because most of the scents makes me nauseates but this time around, the case was different as I eventually bought a spray whose fragrance without doubt got me attracted to it. (The content actually got me attracted not the container).

So to cut the long story short, when I got back to school I received different mind blowing compliments because of the spray. The compliments coming especially from ladies.

Even my roomies weren't exempted from the league as they make use of the spray at one point in time or the other.

I never knew this fragrance of mine has been causing damage or might have been causing damages not until one of my reading mate (actually a male) made this remark one day "Faith this perfume of yours is way too pleasant. Do you intend to get men attracted to you?"............The words dropped like a bombshell.

I was like "Seriously!!!!" 

I told him I never has such an intention and he asked me to stop using it. 

The next time he came he Joked "Are you looking for a husband because I can still perceive that sweet scent".

We actually both laugh it off. Although he was right for the fragrance of that body spray was in a way too lasting for it to let go off my clothes within a short period.

Although before my reading mate brought it to my notice, an Islam brother who was my course mate told me I shouldn't be using perfumes and he went further by telling me that it is not even permitted in Islam for female folks to use it.  I guess he must have been attracted to the fragrance. Kaii........

I didn't pay much attention to it and I wasn't so much moved to take the measures I ought to take not until I personally sit down to make analysis.

I discover that fragrance attracts. 

Yes it attracts!!!

I then began to imagined the number of people that fragrance that comes from the body spray of mine must have attracted.

I then began to wondered if my reading mate though a power packed being have not fell within him before he finally voiced out.

I then continue to imagined and reason the number of people who have gotten attracted and probably lust after my roommates who have also make use of the sweet scented spray.

I instantly felt like a failure because I have ignorantly led many to the way of destruction in their hearts through just a man made fragrance.

I decided to do away with contents that may lead people astray. 

"Why must I allow myself to be attracted to people through just mere fragrance made by a human being like me when i have access to more powerful fragrances that will attract men to the Kingdom for Christ" I cried out.

If man made fragrances can attracts so much, how much more fragrances that are coming from the heavenly throne in a man's life.


Just as the fragrances of worship, prayer and fasting attracts you to God so also do that fragrance attracts people to you and not just people but men.

Many of us just like the innocent me mean no harm but have carelessly and ignorantly weakened the souls of many to lust after that which they couldn't get.

I believe many of us don't want to lose our husband to strange woman just like the one described in Proverb 5 & 7 who deceive with her lips, tantalizing body aroma and with sexual seductive walks and styles.

I believe many of us will want to have the mind of our men free from constant war against the desire to overcome that sweet myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon perfume coming from the domain of a strange woman.

I believe we will not want to see the heart of men lust after us just because of mere man made fragrance we are wearing.

I believe!!!

Why then ignorantly become that strange woman in disguise of Deborah's army.

Why then ignorantly become a caterpillar that is pulling down the souls of men instead of being a pillar that will hold those souls from falling.

As for those that intentionally wear those fragrances for their evil intentions, you have appointment on this page today. it is time you go to the throne of grace to drop down those vicious intentions.

In fact nobody is asking you not to be sweet smelling and well dressed.

I am not asking you to completely do away with that strawberry flavor perfume and I am not asking you to do away with that banana fragrance deodorant.

But it will be a good choice that you choose for yourself this day either to be a Christ attractor or men attractor.

It will be at your own good or bad if you will choose for yourself this very moment to be Christ repellant just because of mere body spray made by human beings like you. In all, wisdom is profitable to direct.

It will be at your own risk if you will make men undressed you in their hearts not because you dress naked but because you put on a fragrance that got them attracted sexually to you.

It will be at your own interest if you will choose wisely the kind of body cosmetics that you will be using as from today onward and then when you finally get married to "Daddy" you can get those sex triggering perfumes, mind blowing stuffs, transparent clothes that will make him go crazy and blindfold his eyes against those strange women that are outside seeking for whom to devour just like the one in Proverb 7.

It will be very important for you to know that man made fragrances will only get you attracted to mere men for pleasure. As vicious as it can be it has contributed to the cases of rape. Yes!!! When the fragrance of that sweet scented almond body spray set the heart of some men who have initially sold out their hearts to the devil and they helplessly can't get that body which the fragrance is coming from with ease, they force their way in. Too bad!!!

It is more worthy to note that  divinely made fragrances will not only get you attracted to God but to Kings.

While you are yet single why not put on the fragrances of genuine worship, prayer and fasting so as to get God attracted to you and your needs.

Do not be deceived I know you might be desperately be in need on husband but that shouldn't make you put on fragrances that will destroy the souls that are still coming up for God.

Things gotten out of desperation are only at the verge of being lost out of desperation.

The fragrances of your worship, Prayer and fasting is more than enough to bring to you the crown of your head. These powerful fragrances and the qualities of the virtuous woman will definitely bring you your man.

Listen! I am not asking you not to dress or take care of yourself but you must be moderate in your dealings.

Let your moderation be known this day!!!

And to our men, you have gotten a role to play. 

Flee! Flee! Flee!!! 

Don't hang around sex triggering fragrances and to balance the belief that only the female folks need not to put on mind catching fragrances. 

It is wrong now. 

Please do ensure not put on sex triggering perfumes too. A ni feelings (We have feelings). We ladies too have emotions.

Just as you want to meet her a virgin other men too want to meet theirs as Virgins.

Hanging around things that make you build fantasies can lead you to the unexpected.

I respect anointing oooo but I must confess. Fleeing from all appearances of evil has got nothing to do with anointing. 

No matter how anointed you are, Biko, Ejowo, Chucwu, please flee for your dear life oooo.

To the Perfumers, I am not trying to spoil your business ooo. In fact sex triggering perfumes are very much important.  

Attractive wears and body cosmetics are very much important but they must not be in usage at the expense of Making men fall.

Dear fellow single, you are to make and not to mar.

Speaking against indecent dressing,sexual looks and movements are important but bringing to our notice other neglected weapons that trigger desire for sex is very much important too.

May the Lord help us

Do away with any kind of sex triggering fragrances. Moreover when you get married you can do the needful with your husband.

It is not blessed to do the needful at the wrong time. So be careful dear lady.

You can do it because you are a godly Vessel. 

Let us make the difference today so that we can get a distinct outcome tomorrow.

 ©️ Faith Agi.

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