Beware of Overconfidence!!
Is overconfident doing you?
Oh! Probably on seeing the question, you feel a bit indecisive ? 
Anyways, it is a question which you will definitely get to ask yourself maybe at the course of going through this page or after going through this page.

One of the plague that has led to the fall of great men, destruction of ministries and termination of divine contract is overconfident.
As good as it is to build confident in ones ability, it becomes damaging when it is allowed to mount into the ladder of excess.
No wonder why the scriptures talks about moderation in things we do.
Overconfident is a sibling to Pride, it is a partner to Pride and also an alternative to pride.

Confidence will say "I know I make mistakes but I will try as much as possible not to repeat them again".  Overconfidence will say " I am too perfect to make mistakes".

Confidence will say "I know I can make it because I know the power of God is backing me up" while Overconfidence will say "I will surely make it, after all I am been having sleepless nights because of this project"

The Overconfidence in you will make you believe you are a giant while in actual sense you are a dwarf.
The Overconfidence in you will make you believe you have know it all while in reality, if the possibility be that you a scrutinized, you know nothing.

It comes when you begin to Underestimate your enemies, when you feel you have gotten more than enough weapon of warfare in the battlefield of life, when you begin to count yourself as "All capable" or "All knowing".
Then before you know it, you sold out your dependency on God in exchange for your dependency on your personal abilities.

Then you said to yourself "After all, if I don't put in much effort I still get astounding results". You continue to dig and dig deeper into the well of "Independence​" forgetting that whatever must have been behind that natural tendency of yours that makes you not to  apply much effort into getting astounding results in things you do just like others would have done, must have been nothing but the grace of God.

You have a misunderstanding with your fiance/fiancee, despite the fact that you know you are at fault, your overconfident nature that you have developed around your personal intelligent, abilities, Status or even beauty wouldn't allow you apologise and all you could said to yourself was "I won't call to apologize. I know he will definitely call to apologize as usual". 
To the male you probably would have said "I am the Husband to be so I can't bow down to any lady". Since it has become a routine, you don't see the need to apologise even in matters you know quite well that you are wrong.
Then this time around your nature fail you, things wasn't as expected.
He or she didn't call to apologise either. 
Days roll into months and by the time you are awaken from the ocean of Overconfident of yours, it was too late.

As a boss, you know quite well that you desperately need that which you seek and which is in the possession of one of your  subordinates but your overconfident nature wouldn't allow you approach him or her because you term it as "Downgrade to your Standard or Status".

You as a minister thought you have amassed a great deal of anointing and there is no need to "Flee from all appearances of evil" anymore.
Do you lack understanding, my dear friend? You are a preacher, so what are you doing with those loose ladies?........ those young girls that are flirting around you all in disguise of listening to you preach to them?.
Can a man walk upon hot coals and not get his feet sear?
You must pass through the test, but if you allow an Overconfident nature in you, I fear, you will not passed this test, you will never be allowed to join the train of those that eat the sacred bread, let alone serve it. Unless you are hiding under the shield of wounded anointing.

You as a student who think you know it already, probably you read within two hours and you understand better and faster than those around you, if you allow yourself to dig into the ocean of Overconfident, you will soon afterwards discover that you have not been doing well like before.
In this aspect, I personally was a living testimony. My first three years in Secondary School was a shake as I hardly give anyone the room to take a prize home during the prize giving days. 

Then as I grew older I unconsciously relaxed in the higher classes probably due to societal changes, economic changes or family problems.

Though, I never knew this.
Not until I graduated from high school and was checking all the past results one day and then I knew where it all went wrong.
I felt bittered not because i actually failed but because i unconsciously reduce my drive for excellency on the flimsy excuse of challenges around me.
I do read but not as the first three years, I believe I will definitely have nothing less than Fifty Percent over hundred in any of my exams and that was the feeling I have developed during the last three years in my secondary School. 
Unknown to me then, I was digging deep into the ocean of Overconfident.

That three years of "little" relaxation actually cost me the kind of astounding results I have gotten in the first three years.
I felt the need to rise back to my former years, years of consistency and determination in pursuit of excellence. 
But I must confess going back to your former nature after a long while of relaxation is an uphill task. However, the grace of God is sufficient to see you achieve that. 
After all, our life have been God's grace personified.

So now I asked again "Is overconfidence doing you?".
Are you relaxing in your pursuits for the Kingdom advancement just because you think you have achieved enough?
Are you resting in place of Prayer just because you think you have gotten enough power?

Samson must have been prompted into telling Delilah the secret of his strength not just because he lusted after her but because the plague called Overconfident has crept into his life.
I imagined Samson said "Ok this woman disturbs a lot. After all the Lord has made me so powerful that no one can Overcome me" then he give a long pause and continued

"Come to think of it, I myself will love to know what will become of me if a Razor eventually comes upon my head. Moreover I believe God will never leave me".

And then he did eventually reveal the final secret behind his strength which led to the departure of God's presence from his life .

Overconfident such as that of Samson will only separate you from the presence of God. It is a vicious act.
It will make you focus only on your personal ability rather than God abilities for your life.
It will only make you focus on the reason why you should tell Delilah that secret rather than getting you focus on the reason why you shouldn't.

Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 built so much confident in his size and weapon of warfare that he thought it an act of effrontery for such a little boy as David to come against him.
In his ride on the road of overconfidence, he asked "Am I a dog?".
Yes, he eventually become a dog whose meat was fed upon by the fowls of the air.
You must learn from the story of Goliath that there is always a power that backup that battles of life that you might have seen as little to be overcome.
You should understand from the story of Goliath that your level of intelligence in skills, establishment or past accomplishments should not be a reason why you see the one you are presently embarking on as "little".

Behind that little.
Behind that little there is always a bigger force backing it up.
Behind the little David was a bigger God whose name was used as weapon against Goliath.
Behind that little sleep or little slumber there is a greater force that will launched out poverty and irrelevancy into the lives of men.
A brief glance at that picture with half naked beings can make you become irresistible to illicit desire for sex which may eventually lead you into becoming a candidate of sexual perversion.
You can sing and souls become high spirited or  you Preach and stray souls are brought back to the right track for God but you must be very careful lest that little act of Overconfident make you fall.

Just like Goliath, do not be too confident in your personal abilities or past achievements. For it may make you lose the present battle to the opponent who might be enjoying divine backup if not evil backup from the pit of hell.

Looking into the life of David, he already know the battle is won but he wouldn't compromise that for any form of Overconfident.

What has your Overconfident lifestyle brought you?
It is an act of Overconfident that bring in desire to go into the palace into the heart of men that still ought to be in the training ground.
Success, breakthrough in ministry, and release of fresh anointing have been the things many watch out for to go and start their own works in order to be an authority themselves.
Their level of Overconfident grew into a desire to become Independent even when or if they are yet to receive the go ahead from God.

Overconfident will make you take that "little" abominable food which you mus'nt take and before you take it, you are deceived with pleasant words that will make you take or taste it and you look at all their words, you now declare "After all I am matured enough to look after myself and make decisions". 
After taking it,  you then realized that you have eaten that which you mus'nt eat just because you developed an Overconfident within you, just because you want to let your peers know that you are up to the task & just because you don't want to feel different among them.

You must be different today so that your results must be discreet tomorrow.

Overconfident!!! the destroyer of lives.
It is never a crime to build confident in yourself but it becomes impairing when it pushes you to do that which you mus'nt do.
It become dangerous when you are belittling your enemies in the battlefield of life.
It becomes unwelcoming when you think you don't have to push for more again because you think you have gotten enough in place of Studying, Praying, Communication and even your general relationship with God and man.

There is no boundaries or limits to things you can do on this mother earth provided it is for your growth and the growth of other lives around you.
You must not build your confident in that skill, Knowledge, wisdom, Intelligence, anointing or  fluency. 
You must allow all your abilities reside and rest in the power and grace of God for you.
No underestimation of the weapon of the enemies, for you wrestle not against flesh and blood.
Flee from that appearance of evil when the need arises.
Do not give room for that "little" into your life.

Probably, you have made some grievous mistakes or errors during your escapade into the destination to Overconfident. 
Listen! The grace and mercy of God is still much available to wipe off every faulty mark that have been place upon your life through Overconfident.
You just need to lay them down now at his feet. Yes! that is all you need.
You shouldn't continue to fight between your Overconfident nature and the confidence you ought to build on God in your life. That is not healthy for you.
Your ability to heal the sick, your ability to speak in diverse tongues, your ability to work miracles, gift of fluency in speech, all your potentials and great visions that have create that Overconfident nature in you, lay them down now at his feet. 

You don't need the consent of anyone to do that and you don't need to pay for it. 
All you need is to make deliberate effort to do away with that nature if at the course of going through this page, you discover you have it in you.
All you need do is to surrender all those gifts and abilities that have probably pushed you into the dungeon of Overconfident before the throne of grace.
Be deliberate, for God cannot help a man who is not ready to make a move. 
Lay them down now and be deliberate in your effort to completely conquer any form of Overconfident in you. 
Thanks to the holy Spirit for I know it is settled.
#Say no to Overconfident#
#Build your confidence in God#
#Be deliberate in your efforts#
#You can do it because you can#.
You are liberated.
I believe you are blessed on this page.
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