Daily devotional: continually aware 2




John 14:26

Like we said yesterday, to be continually aware of God's presence and Word is to be continually reminded of His presence and Word. But the question is how can you be continually reminded of His presence and Word. Can you remind yourself? Can others remind you? How do you get to live in remembrance? 

Jesus speaking in our theme verse said; the Helper, the Holy Spirit, will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things I said to you. You see that? The Holy Spirit will do two things from according to this verse. He will teach (reveal) and He will help you remember! If Jesus said the Holy Spirit would do something, you've got to believe Him, and trust Him to do His work.

Many people think they can keep themselves aware of God's presence by praying hard or studying the Word much. Don't get this wrong. Those things are important and should be done. But if you put your trust in your prayers and study, then you're going to be disappointed. You must realise that the job of keeping you in remembrance is for the Holy Spirit, and He does it very well.

You only need to know this, and trust Him. You don't need to be bothered that you'll stop being aware of God, because the Holy Spirit will remind you. we have that assurance in the Word. Only believe and trust Him. Your struggle is over.

Say this to Him "Dear Holy Spirit, I trust and believe that you will continually keep me aware and reminded of God's presence and Word. I know You love me, and I love you too."

If you haven't received Jesus into your life, say this prayer now. "Dear Lord, I believe in Jesus Christ as your Son. I believe He died for me on the cross and rose again. I'm sorry for my wrongs. I declare that He's Lord of my life. I receive eternal Life into me. Thank you for forgiving me. I receive your Spirit into my life. Thank you Father in Jesus name. Amen" you're born again. Do well to reach us. Remain on the Word and in prayers. You're blessed -TCF


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