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Divine Intimacy ✍️ 

 *Reference* (God & man)

 *_FOR READING AND MEDITATION* Philippians 2:5-8

  **Thought* The lack of familiarity is the beginning of unawareness of who God really is & what he can do. So the closer you get to him, the deeper you get to know him.

 *Memorise*: 1 John  2:6 He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.

Knowing God is not all about being born again or going to church. Love is the first evidence of the knowledge of God and if you love God 1John 2:5, it will manifest in the way you live and interact with God  & man. Not as an impostor but as a genuine follower of Christ. 

To grow an intimate relationship with God, you must grow daily in the knowledge of him and It is worthy of note that if your life is in disagreement with God's word, no matter the level of your participation in church activities or giving of offerings to him, your services would be in vain. So, the intimacy requires being totally surrender to him and his words.

In order to build that perfect intimacy with him, Jesus Christ enjoins us to walk as he walk i.e follow his example in all things by allowing his mind to be in us.

Men that build that genuine intimacy with God also follow the example of Christ in which he made himself servant in the likeness of men.So to completely build that intimacy with God, you must be ready to sacrifice that earthly title in exchange for genuine service to God and man. Vs 7.

As you walk as Jesus walk, you are able to build your intimacy with God in selflessness, humility, service to humanity and total obedience to God which will help you fashion your life closely into his glory for divine purpose. 

The key quality to genuine intimacy with God is obedience. You can't claim to love God and then turn deaf ears to the instructions or guidelines which he has set for your life. It is of great bitterness on how many has choose to follow the men of God rather than the God of men in this generation.

If only men can follow God just as they follow up men, businesses & women on social media platforms, I doubt if there would be any victim of false prophets as God himself is ready to converse with has many men as possible that are willing to converse with him.

If only men can subscribe into the channel of following him up and knowing him more, he will definitely reveal to them the misery which are beyond human understanding. 

God definitely know his sheep and as he speaks, they hear his voice & they don't just hear his voice they understand and follow him. His sheep know when they ought to do things and when they ought not to do them. This is one of the benefits of having genuine intimacy with the father.

Before you can become that sheep that will hear God's voice, you must be ready to offer yourself a sacrifice unto him through the genuine love & act of total obedience to his words.

I pray that your knowledge of Jesus will grow ultimately this season in Jesus name.

*Assignment* List out ways you can grow your intimacy with God as you will be acting on them from today onward.

*Prayer point* Lord Jesus, please empower me to grow in the knowledge of you.

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