An Accelerator is anything that speed up the rate of something.

Accelerators of disabled outcome are unwelcoming acts that is birth by a soul who condone them.

They are meant to be broken.

Rewards can be a return for evil or good. This tells us that not all reward are worthy of reception.

Outcome can be a reward for something which is initiated by someone.

Rewards that are not worthy of reception are birth from faulty labour. They are birth from Handicap labour.

Handicap reward is a disabled reward whose foundation has been faulty from the outset of its labour.

Disabled outcome is a reward birth from greed and other unwelcoming deeds.

Gehazi allow greed to be his Labour and the  "leprosy of Naaman" become his reward.

Please note that "Leprosy of Naaman"

2 Kings  5:27  Says" The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever. And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow".

The text above tells us that a man can't work for the devil and expect to receive return from God.

Apart from greed there are other things that can birth the Handicap reward/Disabled outcome.

There are other things that catalyzes someone into receiving such disastrous rewards.

Follow me as we treat some few examples of those things that can birth the Handicap reward with some biblical personalities backing them up.

✔️ IMPATIENCE:  This is another catalyst of the handicap rewards.

Allow people to make mockery of you now because without this there will be no catalyzing agent that will quicken you for Success.

Joseph who was laughed at yesterday when he told his dream was later laughed with when his patience launches him into the relevant reward.

Beyond temptations and trials he endured into his greatness.

He refused the handicap reward of Portipars wife and he received the full reward the Lord has prepared for him.

Heii...Aunty Stop comparing your accomplishments with that man of God who has started long before you.

Time and Season happeneth to everything.

Brother when it is your time I quote "no man can stop you" I repeat "no man can stop you".

Check the history of any great man/woman that has genuinely acquired his/her wealth. You will discover that they have been mocked, laughed at, penniless or wanting in life before they got to that desirable position they are today. 

With their patience they got experienced and through their experience they continually hope in God for better days which they finally got.

Do not take 100 today in exchange for the hundreds of millions that has been set in place for you by God tomorrow.

Immediate Satisfaction is an handicap reward.

Aunty if he said you should prove that love to satisfy his lustful desire boldly tell him

"Jesus already prove his love to us all several years ago".

Brother if she is too demanding to the point of pushing you into something else. Beware!!! for the outcome will be handicap reward.

Many people have rushed into handicap marriage due to impatience.

Do not rushed into an handicap journey due to pressure from relatives and friends because No one I repeat No one is going to carry that cross for you.

Many people have choose the handicap career due to impatience.

Wait upon the Lord, be patient for there is a great reward for waiting upon the Lord.

✔️ LAZINESS: This is another catalyst for the handicap reward. 

Something singled  Esther out among all the Virgins that were in a contest with her at the palace.

What  was that?. 

That which single her out was "Diligency".

Before you can stand before King and not mere men you must go for that extra.

The Ten Virgins were in no doubt all virgins but what single the wise from the foolish is the Extra oil.

We live in a generation where youths go about looking for fast and cheap money. They want to live a life of luxury without paying the price. They are no longer ready to task their brain or cause their flesh to be torture. The fact however is that laziness birth poverty as it first born. Proverb 6:11.

God is the rewarder of those that diligently seek him and consult him.

Backwardness is for the laggard.

You can be rich and yet be godly do not allow men to deceive you with the general saying "All na Vanity".

Many have used the above to stay comfortably in hardship as they wallow in the ocean of Laziness all in the name of "Life is Vanity".

Yes all is vanity but being rich or being poor is not a ticket into that Everlasting inheritance.

It is not a bad thing to be rich. it become bad only when the money or riches start taking the place of God in a man's life.

Poverty is a disease work dilligently to get that comfortable life for yourself while you exist.

✔️PROCRASTINATION: This  is another catalyst to receiving the handicap reward.

The King business requires haste.

Did Jesus ever came across anyone with problem and then give the lame excuse "Let me pray about it" before he give them transformation?

Why then will you give that excuse and pray for two weeks before you can help that brother that need that help that same day. Why???

If you refuse to help that soul that have humbly come to you for help, he may sought for help from the axis of the rulers of this world.

The King's business required haste, the evil days are already here. Failure to do this will create room for the enemies to establish different forms of religion fanaticisms that plague the world and even among the brethren.

The Kingdom business have long been in waste in the hands of sleeping elect it is time to wake up and make haste.

This haste we talked about is not that you heard that you are to become a voice to the world today and then tomorrow you already build a house. No this is not the haste.

For you can be a voice to the world without Setting a building for the King's business.

Reinhard Bonnke didn't work with structures yet he obtained countless structures of men for the Kingdom of God before he left.

Take up that abandoned project today it is not too late.

Go for that mission today, generations await your manifestation.

✔️ DESIRE FOR RECOGNITION AND ACCEPTANCE: This can also birth the Handicap reward.

Brother you are not in that church for Competition you are there to build yourself and build others.

Mr Daniel dropped Ten thousand Naira for the church project you that don't even have up to that amount in your account dropped more than that. Within you, you know that is for an eye-service.

Annanias and Shappira wanted to be accepted at all cost and this landed them into receiving an handicap reward. Be yourself.....and do away with any form of fake life.

✔️INGRATITUDE: You are never satisfied with that which you have. When you even received you see it as not worth to be thankful for.

Ask the Nine other Lepers in Luke 17.

What their ingratitude nature cost them.

It cost them divine health.

They don't know there is difference between being heal and being made whole.

How grateful are you?

✔️SELFISHNESS: Judah one of the disciple of Sold his master for thirty piece of silver and what was his reward?

Shame which eventually led into suicide.

That money is pleasant to the eyes.

Those promises are so enticing but the question is will they not bring you an Handicap reward?

✔️ANGER: This can bring you an Handicap reward. Ask Moses. His Labour of so many years was contaminated by the little labour of anger.

Aunty you can control yourself. Don't receive danger due to your anger.

Self control is there for you. Ask for that fruit of the Spirit today.

✔️ DISOBEDIENCE: Can bring you an Handicap reward. Lot wife, Jonah among others fell into this category.

If God ask you do to something do it so that you don't land in the belly of the Fish just like Jonah.

Obedient is better than sacrifice.

If they asked you to beware of dogs it is for the safety of your own flesh.

If they asked you to limit the speed. It is for your own safety.

Break yourself from the league of "I know what I am doing" today. You can't know what you are doing until you do that which you mus'nt do.

✔️LUST: Ask Samson. Lust is another catalyst that has made countless of souls  receive the handicap  reward.  Lust can make you release the secret of your life into the hands of those that are seeking after it.


Only those that flee will be free.

✔️ PRIDE: Yes "Mr I know all", "No one is like me".

You have even miss so many opportunities due to your pride.

God cannot lift a man who already set himself to the top.

You won't know the danger it poses until you end up like Lucifer the pride Initiator.

Negligence, Carefree attitude among others can make a man receive a faulty reward.

If the foundation be destroy what can the righteous do?

What have you been planting?

You can't plant Cassava with an expectation of harvesting plantain. That is not possible!

Even if all the trees in the Vineyard looks alike, the harvest will separate the good ones from the bad ones.

By their fruit ye shall know them.

If you want to See a castle start building it right from the foundation.

Your rewards is directly proportional to your labor.

Check yourself today. The past cannot be erased but you can make a lot for the future from the present.

Allow God to be your Consultant today. For there is a great reward for those that work and walk with him.

#You are a Godly Vessel#

Thanks for taking the ride &

I believe you were blessed 😊

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