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I and my friends wanted a school where we will easily meet fine and sexy girls.

I never had plans to be a student of Abia state university

I had colleagues in secondary school who wanted to become the real deal in the high institution and I couldn't be left out.

I've been led to release this little piece because I know it will bless someone at least.

There are many stories to tell, but let me say this one.

Starting from a guy who had no prospect for his life.

I felt I was skilled in many things so that alone was enough reason why I shouldn't have a direct direction for my life.

The other time I wanted to be a comedian, the other time I wanted to be a footballer, the other time I wanted to be a rapper, the other time I wanted to be a Nollywood actor, I never wanted to be anything like a Pastor ... My dear, NO DIRECTION

A very little boy looking for ways to flirt.

Many of us applied for University of Uyo and University of Lagos because we knew that there were a lot of girls to make out with since we were going to become free from home soon.

Well, I come from a really Godly home.

As a matter of fact, I was the Scripture Union Vice President before I became the President.

How? We knew how to pretend and look holy before our parents & teachers.

The people that voted me in, many of them were the ladies which I've had something to do with in one way or the other, so what  was I going to be preaching? I preached anyways.

We wanted this admission and my parents did not know why I opted for those schools.

When they asked , i said "God revealed it to me".. Revealed what sir?

During my applications for Uniuyo I will never forget this experience.

I got into a bus (Akwaibom state transport company) returning to River state where I reside, there was this really beautiful lady who sat in front and luckily I saw her bus ticket on the floor with her phone number on it.

You know, I was really happy , cos of the freedom I was going to receive soon from home.

I started sending the lady messages in the bus, stuffs like.

"Fine girl, nice hair" "You look sweet baby" and so on.

The lady kept on Reading the messages and smiling, I taught I was getting her attention.

My parents called me and told me they were waiting to pick me up from the Park.

When we got to the park, the lady refused I and two friends from coming down, she started crying and saying that we want to break her home.

She called her husband who was a soldier and said

"Hello, babe, I have found the boys that sends me those messages that you accuse me of cheating. Are you in the barrack now? Ok come with your people to the park"

And then I looked back and I saw my mum from the car, what a mess!

My pretence was going to be revealed at that point, what a shame!

But something happened that shocked me. 

One of the guys at the back with me who knew I was sending the messages started shouting at the lady and said "So na because of small message wey I send give you, you come dey shout, allow this boys make dem go jare"

Jesus! I ran down and went to hug my mum who didn't know what just happened.

Immediately we left the park I looked back and I saw 4 soldiers step into the park.

Up till now I dont know what happened to that guy, but I  thought to myself.

"Emmanuel, this is what Jesus did for the World. He was aware of our sins yet chose to die for us to be saved"

After that encounter, my vibes for Uniuyo Died. 

I literally saw how God was spoiling the plans everywhere, they started bringing up rules that were unfriendly to non indigenes and my admission there failed too.

The Unilag I applied for refused to give me admission.

I felt that year I wasn't going to enter school.

Maybe God wanted to punish me for my sins.

My guys all got admission except me.

Little did I know that God had a plan for me somewhere else.

My parents Got a call about an admission enrollment program in Abia state  university. They registered me and I got admission.

The first thing that happened to me when I saw my name was that some blessed people[Ecwa Students Ministry]  preached me into their fellowship and I started staying in their Secretariat for free , so they will send me money for hostel and I'll use it to eat, Lol.

But gradually, with the communication I had  noticed several changes.

My lustful appetite for Pornography, womanizing and all those started to die, because I was with the right set of people.

Look who God is making out of this mess.

My story is plenty, but then I will summarize by saying..

I am a man God decided to Help.

Funny enough Unilag Gave me admission when I was about writing my first semester exams in Absu.

The works you see today are a reflection of

The mercies of God.

The last thing I wanted to be was a Pastor, but the more I ran away the more it came for me.

Something that I didn't deserve.

I was living in strong addictions yet was still seen as a person on fire, destruction came Knocking, yet, mercy said No!

The little signs we see now, we will do more.

We are not there yet, but we are getting there.

The process is not sweet but it worth the future we see.

Indeed.. ROMANS 9:16

KJV:So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.

Today I celebrate not just my Birthday

But I celebrate the People God used in building me

I celebrate Gods grace upon my life

I celebrate my Biological Parents who never stooped praying.

I celebrate the land [Absu] which God sent me to for his work

I celebrate the Vision God has given to me [Fire Clan Network] and her management.

This place I am now, I won't forget you and the place I'll be tomorrow I still won't forget you.

I love you all.

©Peq 27/20 [Peculiar Emmanuel]


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  1. My Brother..God knew Even the time began.. Can't forget how you handed the presidency(SU) to me, that was the last thing I wanted..

    1. My Brother..God knew Even before the time began.. Can't forget how you handed the presidency(SU) to me, that was the last thing I wanted..

  2. Birthday blessings sir...
    More Grace

  3. Happy birthday sir
    You are indeed a blessing to this generation

  4. Happy birthday sir. More of God's blessings

  5. Wow this is powerful sir.happy birthday and may God continue taking you to higher hieghts

  6. Wow this is powerful sir.happy birthday and may God continue taking you to higher hieghts

  7. Wow!
    Just wow! This is beyond inspiring!
    Thank you sir for blessing me through this piece.
    More grace ��