The battle for the hearts of humanity has continued to rage throughout the centuries since Christ first came to remove humanity’s stains of sin and guilt two thousand years ago. 

From the first revival that took place among the original disciples at Pentecost to the ongoing “Pentecostal Revivals” of the twenty-first century, God has breathed new life into the hearts of his followers—time and again calling them to deeper levels of intimacy,holiness, and personal understanding of His love.

Paving the way for the Holy Spirit to bring light and truth were faithful men and women of earnest study and fervent prayer. 

From the groundbreaking revelations taught by Paul, to the revolutionary reformation launched by Martin Luther, to the evangelical campaigns coordinated by John and Charles Wesley and the revivalists to follow, the HolySpirit has fought to reveal the power of God’s saving grace through faith—not of any work or intervention of man, not of any external force of will or institutional decree, but of the simple, personal acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. 

To this day, we continue learning how to more fully accept and apply all that this great sacrifice has provided for the individuals whose hearts embrace it.

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