Daily devotional: now we war!




Psalm 118:10

All the nations surrounded me, but in the name of the LORD I cut them down. NIV

David says though hostile nations surrounded him, though the activities, of the world were visible around him, in the name of Jesus, he cuts them off. He destroys the hostile nations around. To we as Christians this translates to spiritual warfare. We need to understand that in the execution of our Father's business, the devil will definitely try to form an opposition against us. This is normal because his aim is to impede the spread of the kingdom. 

However we should not be afraid or perturbed when we meet situations where a devil is trying to confront us in the process of fulfilling kingdom business. We should not be perturbed because we have all authority over him and over all his works. We should not be ignorant of this authority we have, and we should be fully confident of it. The authority we have is in the name of Jesus. At His name every knee bows, both in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. 

The scope or description of our authority lies in the Word. That's why we've taken time to explain how to get the Word to dwell in you, so that you can operate from the "Word-realm". We are not beggers, neither do we start pleading for help in spiritual warfare. You must be aware of your authority and use it. We'll continue tomorrow. 

Say this with me: I'm aware of my authority over devils, situations and circumstances. I use my authority in the name of Jesus to cast out devils and tear down strongholds. I'm blessed" -TCF

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