Daily devotional: the conqueror's attitude



1 Samuel 17:48

When the Philistine came forward to meet David, David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet the Philistine. Amp.

Many Christians are too afraid to confront devils or their actions by themselves when they face opposition. Many Christians think they "need to be safe" from devils, so they try to shrink away. This is a wrong mentality for spiritual warfare which is inevitable in the course of life. You have the safety that the world need from darkness. Because you are Light. You have all authority given to you. You've got to be aware of who you are. 

You should be confidently aware that you are the custodian of the power and authority of God over the world. When faced with a challenge or opposition directly from a devil, it's not time to turn back to God and start begging Him to rescue you. Why? Because He already rescued you from darkness. He already gave you the authority over ever principality or circumstance on earth. He expects you to be aware of the victory you already have. 

You must learn that to live victoriously, you must address the devils and circumstances directly and confidently by the Word of God, in the name of Jesus. You do not beg God to save you. You command the devils and circumstances directly by the Word of God in the name of Jesus.

When Goliath approached David, David didn't flinch, or start pleading to God to come and deliver Him. He ran towards Goliath, and engaged the stone! That's the audacity of faith. The same attitude God expects us to have. Engage by the sword of the Spirit (the spoken Word of God) in confidence of His power. The devils and circumstances don't have an option. They will bow! Glory to God! 

Say this with me: "I am neither afraid nor intimidated by devils and circumstances. I have all authority over them all, and in the name of Jesus, they obey me! Hallelujah! -TCF

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