Daily devotional: Don't doubt your victory 2



Matthew 14:30

Like we said yesterday, fear is a product of doubt, and doubt happens when you allow the wrong thoughts mess with your mind. That is, when you move your mind from being engrossed with Jesus through the Word, and start thinking thoughts suggested to you from the world and it's systems. This simply means that it's not the devil that makes you afraid. 

You make yourself afraid through staying on the wrong thoughts and focusing on the wrong things, thereby doubting the potency of God's Word. Yes the devil can push thoughts your way, he can suggest wrong things to you, he can try to put the wrong picture out there, but he cannot make you think them. He can't make you focus on them. You're totally responsible for what you think or focus your mind on. 

This means the devil can give you reasons to fear, but you are the one to choose whether or not you'll see reasons with him. You must be responsible and wise enough to refuse those negative thoughts and pictures of failure. God has told us we are victors everyday, and He has all authority. It's our whole duty to believe Him. It's our duty to focus only on the pictures and thoughts the Word gives to us. 

You cannot fail unless you allow yourself think you can. You must handle your mind responsibly. Keep them on the right thoughts. The devil is not the problem. The way you allow yourself think is the real problem. Don't doubt. Focus on the truth (the Word) and be strong. Your victory is certain in the now! Remain blessed. Say this with me: "I refuse to think wrong thoughts or focus on the wrong picture! I'm a Victor everyday, over everything! I cannot fail!" Glory to God!! -TCF

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