Daily devotional: building up yourself in faith




JUDE 1:20

   Before you understand building up yourself in faith, you need to understand the building up of faith in you. They are two different truths. We explained  "building up faith in you" yesterday when we explained that faith comes by hearing, and by hearing the Word of God (Rom. 10:17). So the more knowledge of God you receive and absorb through His Word by the Holy Ghost, the more faith is built in you. So your faith level gradually increases as you receive and believe more Word of God. So you could have a maximum faith level, then you receive and believe more Word of God, and more faith is born in you. So your faith level increases from that former maximum to a new maximum as you grow in the knowledge of God. So you move from faith to faith (Rom. 1:17). This means, at every point in time, you can move from your maximum faith level to get the next level of faith into you as you receive the Word of God. That's building faith in you. 

   Now building up yourself in faith has to do with being filled with the Spirit per time, so that at each point in time, you will operate at the maximum faith level you have built in Yourself. Apostle Jude puts it this way, "build up yourself on your MOST HOLY faith, praying in the Holy Spirit. Your most holy faith here refers to the maximum faith level you've received through the Word. He explains how to do the building up of yourself in your most holy faith. It's by praying in the Holy Ghost. Praying by the Spirit in tongues! When you pray in the Spirit (tongues) you are stirring yourself to function in your most holy faith, your maximum faith level. So you get bolder and fearless as you pray in the Spirit, and you can get to the maximum level of faith you've built opening you up to a realm of real time possibilities. By praying in the Holy Ghost. Tongues, tongues, tongues. Go ahead and build yourself up now, begin praying in tongues. Just build Yourself and remain on the Word. We continue tomorrow. -TCF

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