Daily devotional: building faith in you




Romans 10:17

   As we explained yesterday, faith is believing that which you know about God, and the working or operation of your faith is in the confession of what you believe. This means that to have faith, you first need to know God, or something about Him. Knowledge! The truth is that the kind of knowledge and information you're exposed to determines the kind of man you'll be and operate as. While carnal knowledge builds carnality and fear, the only knowledge that builds faith is the knowledge of God, which comes by the Word of God. Therefore faith comes by hearing, and by hearing only the Word of God. It's only by the knowledge of the Word of God that faith can be built. As you discover more or know more about God, you believe those things you know. I.e The information you receive through the Word. As you believe those things and declare them, you grow in faith. The more of the Word you understand and believe, the more faith you build in you.

   This is why the devil is trying to saturate the environment with negative news and carnal knowledge. Because if you take in carnal knowledge, you're building carnality in you. Fear, doubt, worry, depression, immorality, anger, etc. But when you take in the Word, faith is built, Glory to God! Guard your heart with all diligence (Prov. 4:23). Guard what kind of information goes into it. The wrong information means the wrong life. A faithless life. If you must grow in faith, it starts by giving yourself to the Word of God, believing the Word as you understand it, and declaring the things you believe. The Word of God builds faith in you, filling you up with the Spirit of faith. Be wise, remain on the Word and be steadfast in Prayers. You're blessed. If you're not saved, receive Jesus Christ into your life now. He died for you and rose again. Ask Him to come into your life. Declare that you accept Him as Lord of your life. You're blessed. -TCF

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