[Palliatives] There are Many Human Agents of Wickedness in this Country - Pastor Enenche Blasts

Our Leaders Stacked up  Covid 19 Relief Materials in Ware Houses While People  Were Suffering

We (Dunamis) put ourselves under pressure  distributing palliatives almost five times during the lockdown. 

Human agents of wickedness, we have plenty of them in our nation. The pain of people is their joy. I am sure you watched with dismay how materials that were meant for relief during the COVID period was stacked in warehouses with suffering masses suffering and with wicked people, wicked at heart, keeping food meant for sufferers. The approach by which the materials eventually went to the people is completely upside down. They refused to give to the people by choice, so the people took by force. Wrong approach that can bring the nation into disorder, breakdown of law and order that may be difficult to control because of wicked individuals, some more wicked than the devil, more wicked than animals. 

While we put ourselves under pressure, we distributed palliatives almost five times during the lockdown, all manner. Somebody brought me personal food, I told them take it to the Church, let them distribute it from the Church. He brought box load of food and said for you and your family, I said oh, my family and I don't need this, there are people suffering, give it to the people. 

Wicked, keeping it till 2023 according to what some people say, to use it for campaign. Give people peanut and then ask for vote and when these retired, expired cargoes are talking about 2023, I'm wondering what they are talking about. Retired, expired, recycled cargoes. All of them the same thing, from one party they jump to another. Another day, you jump to another, the same retired, expired people. You are killing people, you say 2023, so this hell should continue till 2023, God forbid and beyond 2023. God forbid!




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