Who really needs this abortion?

You need an abortion!! this was the outcry of the woman standing in front of great multitudes of souls.

You have to abort this pregnancy.... it will lead you into destruction she said pointing to a young girl standing.

You need an abortion you mus'nt conceive this child of retardation she said pointing to a young man standing by the entrance.

"Oh no abortion is a bad thing" they all chorused.

"People will talk about this, it will become an headline on the newspapers. Besides abortion is only for female" the young man lamented.

You must undergo this abortion if you know you want to get to that place you want to be.

This pregnancy is only a set back, it is only a retarding force. Only abortion can propel you forward.

Only abortion can give you access into that city of the greats.

Are you ready for an abortion? the woman asked.

"Let us think about it" they said dejectedly.

Help me ma I am in pains" a girl wailed.

Abortion, only abortion is the solution.

You have been pregnant with procrastination for the past years it is time you do the abortion if you really want to move forward.

You have been pregnant with pride for so long. It is high time you abort it so that you can be exalted.

You have been pregnant with low self esteem for so long. It is high time you appreciate the works of creation upon your life as you begin to do exploits. You are unique.

You have been pregnant with regrets for so long it is high time you forgot them and squarely face the future.

You have been pregnant with Faith for so long but you never applied works. Abort it now and get new dimension of faith backing it up with love.

You have been pregnant with extravagant lifestyle for so long it is time you abort that lifestyle and ask God for a new conception.

You have been pregnant with vain deceit, philosophy, ideas and verdicts from human beings abort them now and cling unto the promises of God.

Oh ye that is conceived of hatred, Jealousy, strive, envy, malice, slander and the likes it is time you do abortion.

Oh ye that think that nothing good can come out of you again it is time you abort that disastrous idea.

You need abortion!!! 

it doe'snt matter if you are a male or female.

You don't have to think about this.  It is the best thing to do if truly you are ready for progress in life.

Abort those retarding children now before they abort you.

You need to abort the spirit of vain thoughts because they profit not.

They are children of perdition.

You don't need to birth them.

Abort pride now so you can walk and work in humility. Humble men are men of excellence.

Abort that procrastination now so that you invest your time rather than use it.

Abort that bitterness within you now because you are created to be cheerful not to be in pain.

Purge yourself of those things now.

You need abortion from any negative actions.

Book a place for the abortion now so you don't miss your place in life.

God love you.

I love you too.

@ Faith Agi

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